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Instagram adds moderators to Live

Instagram down 8 October

Good news for fans of Instagram Live. These days, in fact, the platform is adding new options to allow users to better manage their direct. Among these, the possibility of add a moderator within a Live. But let’s find out what it is about in more detail.

Instagram Live: Users will now be able to add a moderator

Another new option available to users who start Instagram Live. As of now, the platform offers the possibility to add a moderator to be entrusted with the tasks of report comments, remove viewers from a live broadcast e disable comments for a specific viewer. In this way, the App adds another option to control the flow of content within a stream and address inappropriate behavior during live shows.

Instagram LiveCredits: Instagram

On the other hand, there were not a few bad episodes that occurred during the Instagram Live. This is the case of the harassment suffered by the Pakistani actress Hania Amir, who burst into tears after receiving sexual offenses during a live broadcast. To prevent episodes of this type from happening again, the Instagram App has chosen to add a moderator, whose task will not be easy at all, since he will have to monitor the situation in real time. A question that is not simple, and which many users take advantage of by filling the live broadcasts with insults and offensive comments, and hoping to go unnoticed – especially in Live shows with many participants -.

But adding the moderator should be the right solution to ensure the safety of users during the live on Instagram. And we hope it really works. Like what already happens on other platforms such as TikTok or similar.

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