Microsoft: expected an “E3-style” showcase for Xbox according to a leak

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Three months after E3, the leak wheel starts again: the first indiscretion is all for Microsoft, with an autonomous presentation dedicated to Xbox

You know very well that rumor e leak tend to circulateE3 of June as the mosquitoes intent on orbiting the street lamps in that month, and now we already have a rumor about the intentions of Microsoft with Xbox. We are already aware of the new ID @ Xbox showcase scheduled for the day after tomorrow, but the co-founder of Xbox Era Nick Baker asserts that the roundups are scheduled for May and September. We would not be surprised by the possibility of an event in May, as the well-known 20/20 event of May 2020 reminds us; the new rumor about a presentation for June, on the other hand, caught us more off guard.

Where Grubb is, there is a leak: here is Microsoft’s single-issue E3 for Xbox

The source of the leak could only be Jeff Grubb: the GamesBeat journalist addressed, among the various topics covered in the video below, also that of an Xbox presentation by Microsoft in time for E3. In that sense, Grubb promised he would “probably” have more to say about “soon”. However, discrediting the previous rumor, according to the insider the affected month will be June and not May. It is at this point that Grubb emphasized open comparisons with the Californian fair. In particular, it is the journalist’s details that arouse no small amount of salivation.

“They are talking to partners to include major games. [Le trattative] They are moving forward right now and it is March, so there is no way to hijack the train or the ship. The direction in which they point is that and the time limit is the one in which they will have to operate. ” Andy Robinson VideoGamesChronicle has “confirmed” the statement based on its sources. Another insider, Tom Henderson, has talked so far about a purely digital edition for E3 this year. The jade titan has never missed the exhibition, but for now we invite you to deal with these rumors with the utmost caution.

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