Elden Ring: March 23 patch, one hour of server maintenance

Elden Ring: le migliori classi per iniziare

Today, March 23, 2022, Elden Ring will be offline for an hour due to the latest patch: the servers are in fact undergoing maintenance

After one hour of server maintenance for Elden RingFromSoftware has released the March 23 patch bringing the game to the version 1.03.2 with all the resulting improvements. The latest update has fixed several bugs, including many changes to the game balance. To give just one example out of many, both blacksmith rocks and shield effectiveness have both increased, but today we have even more improvements to talk about. Well, of course. As you may have guessed, we will be more than happy to go into detail below.

The Elden Ring March 23 Ancestral Patch

Apologizing for the inconvenience, after the March 23 maintenance the creators of Elden Ring had the following to say. The bug that occasionally prevented players from continuing in the Nepheli Loux side quest has been fixed. Similarly, the player’s descent into the Bestial Sanctum no longer leads to an accidental and completely random death. Another bug, which prevented the effect of the War Ashes, has been fixed. As for multiplayer and ai teleports in wrong coordinates, is now also a problem of the past. Rather, it was Sony’s servers that gave Elden Ring players a headache.

The version number of the game will appear at the bottom right of the title screen, and as expected players will have to update the game to enjoy the multiplayer functions. The development team has promised more updates in the future, so for now we have extra confidence in our forays into the Interregnum. In our review we called what the title set a “new standard,” and we don’t doubt to see George RR Martin and the development team take home a few statues at the upcoming Game Awards.

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