Instagram harms the mental health of young people: the accusations continue

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a group of attorneys general state is still investigating Instagram e the negative effects that can have on mental health of young people. Let’s find out the details together.

Does Instagram harm the mental health of young people? Some states continue to investigate

The survey aims to analyze the “techniques used by Meta to increase the frequency and duration of involvement” of young people on Instagram. Furthermore we want to highlight the negative effects that they may have on mental health of teenagers.

The research in question was set out in a report by Wall Street Journal, which revealed that the documents of the company itself show that “Instagram is toxic to teenage girls”. The matter was discussed during a Senate hearing. During the hearing, Frances Haugen of Facebook, claimed that it is unlikely that the company changes its habit of putting profits above people’s well-being.

The investigation will try to understand if the company has broken consumer protection laws in an attempt to keep the public’s attention alive.

This group of attorneys general is not the only one taking action against Meta. The attorney general of‘Ohio is suing the company separately and accuses her of having deceived the public on the effects of its products on young people. Meta said the lawsuit was “without merit” and rejected the reports of exits like the WSJ. According to the company, the published research “lacked context”.

Some of the attorneys general involved in the investigation are those who, at the beginning of the year, tried to persuade Meta to leave “Instagram for children”. The company, in the past, had announced its goal of wanting to create a version of the social network for people under the age of 13. However, he later revealed that he had put the project on hold.

The company has lost the “benefit of the doubt”

The legislators of the Senate and of Camera they called the break “insufficient”. Prosecutors said the company had “completely lost the benefit of the doubt when it comes to protecting young people online. Therefore he must immediately abandon the project. “

The company has repeatedly highlighted di want to focus on young people. He also reiterated that he wanted to keep the attention of adolescents and twenties alive on his social networks.

The Attorney General of Massachusetts, Maura Healey, who is co-conducting the investigative effort with the Nebraska AG, said:

Meta failed to protect young people on its platforms. Instead, he has chosen to ignore or, in some cases, double down on known manipulations that pose a real threat to physical and mental health. At the same time it exploited young people for the sake of profit.

Finally, he promised that the coalition “will go to the bottom of the matter, identify any illegal practices and put an end to these abuses forever.”