Instagram inserts advertisements into search results

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Instagram has announced a new feature that will allow advertisers to show their advertisements in search results as well of the platform. For users, this means “Ads” results when they search for something on the platform. But also receiving advertising notifications about events organized through the social network.

Instagram also carries advertising in search results

The feature is currently in testing with a limited set of partners in the US and UK, but will be available globally in the coming months. Advertisers will be able to choose from different types of advertising formats, such as images, videos or carousels.

According to Instagram, advertising in search results is one way to help users discover new products and services that match their preferences and needs. Furthermore, they are a way to increase the visibility and engagement of brands that want to get known by one new audience.

Advertisements in search results add to the other advertising options already present on Instagram, such as sponsored stories, promoted posts or advertising reels. The platform is looking to make the most of its commercial potential and monetize its huge user base.

Instagram is also testing a further advertising possibility, that of give Ads notifications on your smartphone. For example, an event in your area may send you a reminder to attend a day early and even 15 minutes before it started.

This way, it becomes possible to learn about events in the area and maybe get some extra ideas on how to spend the weekend. This feature may also soon be rolling out worldwide.