Instagram post ideas: your 2021 guide

Let’s find out the best post ideas you can create today to boost your Instagram account that still work in 2021

If you have an Instagram account, you already know that you need to keep posting content regularly. This is the only way to make the algorithm favor you and make your content appear on the Explore page. However, thinking of new content ideas is always a problem as the platform is saturated. Fortunately, even when you’re not posting anything original, you can buy Instagram likes so that it reaches a large audience.

However, the original content will give you automatic likes on Instagram as users will find it more interesting and engaging. Depending on your niche, you will need to think of different content ideas. However, there are some types of content that can easily adapt to any niche.

In this article you will discover the best post ideas you can create today to boost your account, as well as receiving automatic Instagram likes from

# 1 Create Reel on Instagram

Instagram Reels are the next big thing on the platform. They were introduced last year and have quickly become one of the most popular features. With this tool, you can create short videos, add your own effects and some original audio, thus remembering many Tik Tok videos. The reels are fun and because of this they tend to get a huge number of views. If you want to engage your audience, a video like this will do the trick. Just remember to buy Instagram likes for it so that it reaches even more users.

Instagram post ideas: your 2021 guide

# 2 Post seasonal content

There is no better strategy than posting the content of the season. Whether it’s Christmas, Easter, summer, or any other international day, you can create posts that will get you a lot of attention. Also, with automatic Instagram likes from, you can boost this content as soon as it is posted. Seasonal content reminds users of special international days and is more likely to share it, thereby increasing your engagement. This fact will also help your posts reach the Explore page and gain more exposure than before.

# 3 Share the dress of the day

Fashion and style are both popular on social media and Instagram in particular. Regardless of your niche and what interests you, a selfie that highlights your outfit of the day will grab a lot of attention. It’s no coincidence that photos of people tend to get more likes than other types of content. Therefore, even if you don’t post your photos regularly, you should start uploading a selfie from time to time. So, buy Instagram likes to get it to reach a large audience and get the attention it deserves.

# 4 Get a brand sponsorship

If you’re about to become an influencer, you’ve probably signed some deals with various brands. These sponsorships are your main source of life and you should create posts that showcase the products and brands. Sponsored content should be clearly marked as one and you should do your best to make it successful. If you want better offers in the future, you need to increase the engagement your posts are getting. For example, provides you with automatic Instagram likes that will instantly boost your posts as soon as they’re online.

# 5 Prepare a motivational quote

If you’re looking for content that has a lot of engagement, like likes, tags, and shares, you should start creating motivational quote images. This type of content has consistently been among the most popular as users love to be inspired. In fact, there are entire accounts dedicated to motivational quotes, making this an interesting niche. Of course, the quote you choose needs to be relevant to your niche in order for your followers to really love it. After creating your images, buy Instagram likes to increase their visibility.

Instagram post ideas: your 2021 guide

# 6 Create a video tutorial

Video content is thriving on social media as video viewing hours on these platforms have increased each year. Therefore, if you want to post a tutorial, you should create it in video format. If you want to take the extra step, you can also create an IGTV video, which can also be presented on the Explore page. Many creators have their own IGTV series which can be the highlight of your account. If users connect with your content, they will follow you so they don’t miss your latest video.

# 7 Share your meals

Your followers want to take a look at your daily life and your true personality. By sharing your media on your feed or stories, you actually show them what you like. This type of post will make them feel closer to you, thereby increasing their loyalty. Sharing your meals is always a great idea as these posts tend to get a lot of likes. The only thing you need to remember is to write a great caption and tag the restaurant you are eating as this post could lead to a collaboration.

# 8 Post a gorgeous drawing

Another type of post that has started to become very popular on social media is funny drawings and cartoons. On Instagram you will find many artists who want to highlight their work. Therefore, you can contact the ones you like and ask them to give you permission to post one of their designs. You will of course tag them in your post and mention their account name in the image caption. In addition to this, the artist will also share your post, thus increasing your visibility.

Instagram post ideas: your 2021 guide

# 9 Create posts from content found on other social media

Finally, a trend that has emerged in recent months is the sharing of content from other social media. This means you’ll need to search and find funny or thoughtful tweets or threads on Reddit and share them on your feed. If you search for this niche, you will find that these posts get a lot of attention.

Instagram post ideas: your 2021 guide

With these post ideas, you will have always something new and exciting for your followers. Regardless of what you post, remember to buy Instagram likes and followers from