VideoProc: Compress 4K videos with ease

In this article we will discover and analyze VideoProc, the software that allows you to compress videos in 4K in a simple way

Nowadays, videos have become more and more detailed, thanks mostly to the various resolutions. With ever more powerful cameras and lenses, reaching resolutions such as 4K, or even 8K, it is now an easy undertaking. However, videos of this resolution require more storage memory, but we don’t always have such capacitive storage available.

A minute of 4K video at 60 fps in fact weighs around 400-500 MB. You will understand very well that a longer video will come to weigh several GB. Today, storage easily reaches 5 TB, however not everyone has the opportunity to buy one and are forced to save the videos on your PC or on an external device that you have. But what to do when space runs out? The only solution, unless you eliminate all the various memories, is to compress videos. So let’s start this article on VideoProc and let’s find out how easy it is to compress videos in 4K to recover as much space as possible.

All the benefits of compressing 4K videos with VideoProc

As mentioned earlier, now every camera, but also almost all smartphones are able to record videos in 4K. This certainly allows you to make the memories imprinted in those videos much more vivid and real than they were with other resolutions. However, a video of such quality it also requires a lot of space on our devices. The more videos we have, the more memory we take up and this goes without saying.

Compressing a video therefore serves a reduce the space occupied but not only! In fact, thanks to this compression we will be able to upload our videos on various social networks as quickly as possible, allowing us to share our adventures on Instagram, Facebook and so on. Here in Italy, unfortunately, the infrastructures are lacking from this point of view and load a huge file would take a long time.

VideoProc therefore comes to our rescue from this point of view. Also, if you want to delete some clips of the video, thanks to the editing mode in the compression screen, you can now do it easily. Not only will it be possible to remove the excess parts, but you can even rotate, reverse or even select only a small part of the video that interests you. In short, a truly complete software from this point of view.

VideoProc: Compress 4K videos with ease

Hardware acceleration and various encodings with VideoProc

This particular operation can take place through various types of encodings. Just before the first software launch, a pre-configuration will be performed which will allow the program to come into contact with our hardware for the first time. Depending on our configuration, we may or may not take advantage of the various preset profiles with the relative encodings. In this way it will be possible to compress the videos keeping the same resolution or scaling it to our liking.

Don’t worry if you don’t know what resolution or encoding is. The software is in fact designed even for the less experienced of the genre. All you have to do is simply choose the video format you want to get. For example, if you need to use it for your YouTube channel, all you have to do is select the relevant option and the program will do the rest. In short, nothing could be simpler from this point of view.

Furthermore, as anticipated by the subtitle, the software allows take advantage of hardware acceleration. VideoProc in fact is able to use level 3 hardware acceleration to guarantee speed and stability in video editing, compression and conversion. In short, there is nothing better to implement the calculation efficiency to be able to perform any operation on a video selected by you.

VideoProc: Compress 4K videos with ease

VideoProc is not just about compressing videos in 4K

However, the program is not only capable of editing, converting or compressing videos. Thanks to its other functions it will be possible capture the screen to record some games of our favorite video game but not only. It will also be possible convert old DVDs in video files that can be inserted on a key to always have them at hand, or download a video simply by inserting the link and maintaining the original quality.

In short, if you are looking for 360 ° VideoProc software is the right one for you. The software is available in a free version. However, to take full advantage of it various types of licenses are also available, from one year for a single PC to life for up to 5 PCs. In short, even in this case you are spoiled for choice. In order not to miss further news regarding the technological world, continue to follow the pages of!

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