Instagram tests the re-sharing of posts and other content

Instagram prepara la ricondivisione rapida dei post e di altri contenuti thumbnail

Instagram icons mobile app on the screen smartphone closeup. Instagram is a photo-sharing app for smartphones. Moscow, Russia – September 18, 2019

The Instagram development program continues who has been working on a system for re-sharing posts and other content published by other users, similar to what happens with Facebook which makes this function one of the cornerstones of the social network. Here are all the details about the new feature currently being tested:

Instagram tests the post reshare function

The confirmation regarding the news coming for Instagram comes directly from a spokesperson for the company who confirmed the rumors on the matter: “We are exploring the possibility of re-sharing posts in the feed, similar to how you can do it in stories, so that people can share what the original creators do with their work ”.

Currently, sharing other users’ posts is only available in Stories. The goal of the social network is to create a system capable of resuming what has already been done by Facebook. Users may be able to add text or other content to shared places.

In any case, for Instagram users there will be the possibility of accessing a simplified tool to share the posts of other users. We will see how the social network will implement this function and if the user will gladly accept this further news for users.