What we know about Fall Guys “space” Season 2: all the details

La season 2 di Fall Guys avrà crossover spaziali con Hatsune Miku, Alien e Star Trek thumbnail

A decidedly spatial Season 2 promises to be for Fall Guys, which today announced several collaborations with Star Trek, Alien e Hatsune Miku. The latter is a popular virtual character, especially loved in Japan. Suffice it to say that a man of flesh and blood even married her. But that’s another story for another article.

After going free-to-play, Fall Guys launched Season 1: Free for Allwhich is now drawing to a close. The Second Season will clearly be space-themedas revealed by an announcement trailer.

What do we know about Fall Guys Season 2

Season 2, called Satellite Scramble, will feature new content including a new Season Pass with space-themed costumes and rounds. We can therefore also expect new games that will refresh the challenges of the battle royale.

to be faced with the aim of holding the crown at the end of the successful battle royale. The Season 2 launch event is scheduled for September 15th and it will be called Satellite Explorers. Players will need to repair the Fall Guys satellite by collecting points. They will be able to get a variety of new in-game rewards, including Kudos (the in-game currency), badges, nicknames, skins and other cosmetic content typical of the game.

New games and crossovers from Season 2: Satellite Scramble

Some of the new games in Season 2 will be:

  • Final Tiptoe: Up to four teams will have to tiptoe their way through a series of unstable platforms to reach the crown in the middle of the arena.
  • Starchart: Players will have to use a combination of buttons to find the correct path to the finish line.
  • Pixel Painters: you will have to jump on the tiles to illuminate the correct pattern.
  • Cosmic Highway: a moving platform that will make players fall into the void.

The official blog states that these and other “space themed shows” will arrive in Season 2, along with crossover collaborations with the universes of Alien, Star Trek and Hatsune Miku.