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Instagram tools for parents also arrive in Italy

The Instagram tools for thumbnail parents also arrive in Italy

After the introduction in March only in the United States, the new Instagram features for parents. The tools will help “Monitor” the activities of minors, for a safer use of the Meta platform. The supervision function will be activated only with the consent of the adolescent, who can deactivate it at any time. Furthermore, the functionality it will stop being active automatically when you turn 18 years of age.

In addition to that, Instagram also launches the Center for Familieswhich will provide useful advice for educators to receive advice from experts to encourage informed use of the platform.

How the new Instagram tools for parents work

Once the children have accepted the request, the parents can set daily limits of use of the platform e monitor how much time teens spend on it. Beyond that, parents will be able to set breaks at specific times of the day e monitor the flow of “follow” of their children. Finally the parents they will receive notifications when their children decide to report an account or a postbeing informed about the type of content that young people find inappropriate.

In addition to the tracking feature, Instagram also introduces il Center for Families. A virtual space containing advice made available by experts, to help parents and children to have a more conscious relationship with the world of social networks.

In another news, just yesterday, we told you about how Instagram is testing Gifts, the new feature to monetize your profile.

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