Xiaomi presents the X10+ Vacuum Robot

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Extreme cleaning, extraordinarily automated, here is the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X10 +, the latest addition to the line of robot vacuum cleaners, let’s find out together in this dedicated article

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X10+the latest addition to the robot vacuum cleaner line, has been designed to simplify domestic cleaning. Matched to its station smart base, the device is able to empty the garbage into the bin, clean the cloths, refill the water tank, keep the cloth moist and dry itself to avoid moisture retention and odors when the device it is not in use. It is a real automation, which offers every home a seamless cleaning experience.

Xiaomi presents the X10+ Vacuum Robot

Suction power of 4.000Pa1

This cleaning device multifaceted it is also specially suitable for cleaning every type of floor. The mop is able to lift itself up when the built-in ultrasonic sensor automatically detects i carpetswhile carefully collecting dust particles with a suction power of 4.000Pa1.

The double rotating brushes they are able to perform pressure cleaning to remove stubborn stains. This housework companion offers a complete house cleaning in one solution, allowing tech-savvy customers to free themselves from repetitive and time-consuming housework after a busy day at work.

Patented S-Cross AITM system

Robot Vacuum X10+is equipped with the patented system S-Cross AITM, which allows him to avoid every object in his cleaning path and clean with a perfect finish. The device is also equipped with a dual line laser and, of a telecamera RGB for obstacle detection. Together with LDS navigation, will plan an efficient cleaning route, regardless of the size and configuration of the home. It is certified by the TÜV Rheinland according to the standards of cybersecurity and privacy protection, to protect users.

Xiaomi presents the X10+ Vacuum Robot


It will go on sale from October 10 at 899.9 euros are mi.com and at Xiaomi Store Italia. For the launch phase, those who purchase the product will receive the Mi Smart Air Fryer 3.5L.

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