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Smart Home: how to reduce energy consumption and bill expenses

In today’s fast-changing world, the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) reports a growing global electricity consumption, which is growing at a faster rate than the growth of the world’s population. To favor the reduction of the environmental impact, it is essential that individuals and companies develop greater awareness and implement good sustainable practices in everyday life through the creation of a Smart Home. This can happen thanks to the advice of Nice, a global leader in Home Management Solutions.

Nice, the advice for having a Smart Home in line with respect for the environment

In line with the objectives of the United Nations 2030 Agenda, Nice, global leader company in Home Management Solutions, is committed to the development of solutions that preserve the environment, fight energy waste and are designed and manufactured with particular attention to the environmental footprint. The company works on systems that optimize the use of natural light and heat, control energy consumption – for example through intelligent concepts for heating, cooling and lighting – and enable comprehensive building management.

Smart Home: the report

The report on electricity consumption, shows our country at 13th place in comparison with others 204 countries in the world for electricity consumption. In fact, Italy is one of the least virtuous countries, with 293.5 billion kWh of energy consumed, with an estimated population level of 58,870,762 individuals.

At a per capita level, homes are precisely the places where the highest consumption of electricity is recorded, largely due to the use of household appliances such as water heater, the washer and dryer that, along with the lighting and refrigerator, obtain the primacy among the most energy-intensive appliances. For this reason, it is starting from the commitment of each individual and a more rational and intelligent management of domestic consumption that it is possible to make a difference for the health of the planet.

The opinion of Andrea Cesaretti, General Manager of Nice Italy

“By automating processes and analyzing data in real time, the Smart Home allows for significant energy savings for the user, reducing both the environmental impact and utility costs. Nice offers a complete and cutting-edge range of connected solutions and provides concrete support for facing the challenges posed by climate change, where energy management and more sustainable practices are a priority. Through the adoption of intelligent solutions for the home, such as those proposed by Nice, we give Italians the opportunity to control energy use, reduce costs and contribute to a greener future” – he says Andrea Cesaretti, General Manager of Nice Italy.

Smart Home: the analysis of the Internet of Things Observatory

An analysis of the Smart Home by the Internet of Things Observatory conducted by the School of Management of the Milan Polytechnic highlighted how the use of Smart Home devices could contribute to significantly reduce annual energy consumption, respectively 23% for heating and 20% for the electrical component. Percentages that can lead to savings of around 330 euros per year for a 70m2 two-room apartment and up to 460 euros for a 110m2 three-room apartment.


The Yubii Home gateway

In this context, the gateway Yubii Home, the heart of the Smart Home Nice, manages and communicates with all the smart devices in the home, receiving and processing data from the sensors to provide an output and perform actions according to automated scenarios, set according to user preferences. The gateway is open tointegration of Nice brand devices and more than 3,000 third parties via Z-Wave and WiFi protocols. The house therefore becomes a smart, safe and comfortable environment, manageable through scenarios, voice control and from smartphones, tablets and smartwatches. In particular, using theapp Yubiiit is possible to manage all the automations of the smart home, wherever the user is.

Nice’s advice for optimizing domestic consumption

To improve space management and control the consumption of appliances, users can rely on 3 simple tips and Nice solutions to be adopted in different scenarios, depending on the needs:

Cooling, heating and lights: how to manage them intelligently.

With the Door/Window-Control, open doors and windows are detected and the integrated blinds and shutters can be opened or closed accordingly. In combination with theHeat-Control kit, this helps to balance the climate of specific rooms and to regulate the temperature in an efficient and natural way. If a window opens, the cooling will automatically turn off until it is closed.

It is also possible to control the lights in the house with motion sensors, such as the Motion-Control of Nice, to save energy and never stay in the dark. Sensors detect presence and turn the lights on when you enter the room, or off when you leave. Thanks to the Yubii app and scenarios, forgetting to turn off the lights will no longer be a problem.

Consumption of household appliances: how to discover and reduce the hidden ones

You can save energy and money too with Plug-Control, the smart socket by Nice that allows you to measure the energy consumption of the devices connected to it. Also, with Smart-Controla small intelligent universal device, easy to install, the user can make the standard home appliances smart and therefore manageable through the Yubii app and the scenarios, even remotely.

Thanks to the Nice ecosystem, people can easily plan the use of the appliances that consume the most at home, such as the water heater, washing machine or dishwasher. In this way, it is possible to program their use in the most economical time slots, thus avoiding peaks in energy consumption.

How to exploit the existing potential of your home

For homes equipped with photovoltaic panelsNice offers the possibility of optimize the management of the electricity generated and to program the Yubii system so that it can use the surplus of solar energy, when present, making a economic savings for the user e while reducing the impact on the environment.

In fact, it is possible to connect Yubii Home to the panel inverter, the device that transforms the direct current produced by the photovoltaic modules into alternating current and feeds it into the domestic electricity grid, to better manage the energy produced. Yubii Home can also be programmed to control the balance between energy production and consumption: with the Yubii app, the excess energy is used for various daily applications, such as automatic garden watering or battery recharging. an electric vehicle.

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