Internet at home?  Here are the offers not to be missed • Techprincess

Internet at home? Here are the offers not to be missed • Techprincess

To have internet home it has become essential in the homes of Italians, especially due to smart working. Remote work is the most adopted modality in recent times, but for many there are still great difficulties in facing it serenely. One of the biggest obstacles is the lack of technology advanced enough to deal with work from home peacefully.

The right technology to face smart working

Two things are important for working from home: the computer e especially the connection. Even the best of PCs would be useless without a good internet connection. We often think of having to change computers and face a large expense when the problem lies in the internet line and even with a new purchase the situation would not change.

Via Wi-Fi you can also connect mobile phones, tablets and televisions but to connect all these devices to a single home network, it must be powerful and fast.

We have already had the opportunity to talk about hardware in recent months. We helped you choose your PC, keyboards, mice and much more. But the connection? If you have not yet equipped yourself with a domestic line, know that there are many possible alternatives, accompanied by really interesting discounts.

Internet at home: current offers

As previously mentioned, the internet connection is the pillar for smart working, but also for staying on the sofa to watch some TV series. Obviously, work takes precedence and you need a smooth home network that runs smoothly and doesn’t hang constantly. Furthermore, if for work you need to use particularly heavy programs or sites, the question becomes crucial.

Linkem, the Wi-Fi without a fixed network

Linkem is one of the cheapest and most practical Wi-Fi network providers on the market. Indeed, it does not require a fixed line and travel fino a 100Mbp. The service offers thefree Prime support included, that is a specialized technical support and continuous assistance on the line. L’installation is very fast, in fact, you can have the new network at home in a few days. Furthermore, until 31 August 2021 you can subscribe to the special price of € 19.90 / month for the first 12 months, instead of € 26.90. The initial contribution of activation, with this promo it’s solo 49€ instead of 100 €. To find out if the Linkem service fully covers your area, simply enter your data in the appropriate section of the site, an operator will call you back to provide you with all the information. To access the site just click here.

Vodafone with fiber and unlimited minutes

Vodafone is one of the fastest home networks, up to 2.5 Gigabits per second FTTH on the GigaNetwork Fiber. A powerful and fast line, with no activation costs. In addition, Vodafone provides the modem on free loan for 24 months, in case of early withdrawal just return the device. Vodafone also gives the possibility to have unlimited minutes on national numbers. So if you want to switch to the Wi-Fi line with Vodafone fiber, just click here to get all the necessary info.

vodafone tv streaming event

Fastweb, the 2.5 gigabit per second Wi-Fi

If speed is your thing, then Fastweb is your trusted supplier. Fastweb’s Wi-Fi line travels to 2.5 gigabits per second, one of the fastest home networks. The package Fastweb Nexxt House It is complete: modem and activation included, a free trial for 30 days, unlimited calls and thecustomer service available. Additionally, Fastweb offers Discovery+ free for 3 months. All this a 27,95 euro per month, until February 28th. To check coverage, simply log into the site by clicking here.


Once you have chosen the right Wi-Fi network, you can proceed calmly with smart working. If you still have difficulty getting to grips with this agile working method, in this article we will talk about some tricks to enter smart mode.

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