Interstellar: the film returns to the cinema

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Double surprise for fans of director Christopher Nolan. While waiting for Oppenheimer, Interstellar also returns to the cinema for a few days

August has now arrived and with it many new cinematic surprises. Between TV series and upcoming movies, there’s no denying this is the month for Cristopher Nolan. Looking forward to your next film, Oppenheimerit will in fact be possible to see another of his great successes at the cinema: Interstellar. The film returns to theaters to celebrate the centennial of Warner Bros. Pictures. In honor of this anniversary, we will be able to review, in addition to Interstellar, many other highly successful films, here are which.

Interstellar: the film returns to the cinema

The return to theaters | Interstellar: the film returns to the cinema

It has now been 100 years since the official founding of Warner Bros by Albert, Sam, Harry and Jack Warner. Since that April 4, 1923 there have been many successes and some of these will return to theaters to celebrate the centenary of this production company. After The Wizard of Oz, Superman (1978), Shawshank Redemption and Casablanca, now it’s the turn of Interstellarwhich will be available from July 31st to August 2nd.

If you are a lover of cinematic cults, but have never seen this film, we advise you to run to the cinema to enjoy one of Nolan’s most successful films, starring Matthew McConaughey, Jessica Chastain e Anne Hathaway. The film will allow viewers to be catapulted into a difficult future for the inhabitants of the Earth, forced to fight against a severe famine that could have disastrous consequences for mankind. Seeking a solution to extinction, a team of explorers embark on a mission that will take them across the galaxy to find out if humans will have a way out.

The complete calendar

The celebrations for the centenary will not stop at Interstellar, but will continue bringing many other highly successful films to theaters. It will continue with:

  • Dunkirk – From August 7 to August 9
  • The 3 of Operation Dragon – From August 14th to August 16th
  • The Exorcist – From 18 September to 20 September
  • Beetlejuice – Piggy Sprite – From October 23rd to October 25th
  • Gremlins – From 13 November to 15 November
  • I Goonies – From 4 December to 6 December 2023

But that’s not all, because streaming and On Demand platforms will also celebrate the event. For the occasion, the digital stores will create rooms dedicated to some of the production company’s most successful titles. The volume Classic Hollywood, which includes 5 great titles in 4K UHD and Blu-ray is available now. They will follow then New Hollywood e Modern blockbusterswith newer titles. Warner TV instead it will take viewers on an exciting journey, to retrace the history of Warner, with great titles from the past, even reaching the 1930s.

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