Intervista ad Andrea Colombi: ecco come Yamaha ha messo all'iconico Booster i pedali thumbnail

Interview with Andrea Colombi: how Yamaha put the pedals on the iconic Booster

Feel the word Booster and you immediately think of the iconic scooter MBK from the nineties, with large and knobby wheels. Yamaha to expand his electrified range dust off the name and some details of the legendary fiftieth.

Above all, there is great expectation to see the versions on the market e-bike e S-pedelec Of Boosterto deceive her we interviewed Andrew Colombi, Country Manager Of Yamaha Italy.

Before introducing the new features, we asked Andrew Colombi to comment on how the brand’s sales are going.

Yamaha Booster, official website sourceYamaha Booster, official website source

The two-wheeler market is experiencing a positive moment. Among the brands Yamaha is among the best-selling, what are the factors that are contributing to the growth?

“The Italian two-wheeler market stands out in the European scenario. At the beginning of the year we recorded +27%. We have been stable at 18% since April. It is solid growth, given above all by a greater availability of models compared to 2022”.

Yamaha Ténéré and Tracer 9 are confirmed as the queens of the range, in terms of sales, how do you explain it?

“Compared to last year, the full availability of the models is certainly bearing fruit in terms of sales. In its segment, Ténéré confirms its leadership and, together with the Tracer 9, are among the top five best-selling models. In particular, the Tracer 9 is gaining a lot of support among motorcyclists and we are focusing on the full potential of this new version over the course of the year”.

Yamaha started taking its first steps into the electric world with the Neo’s. It’s been a year since its debut, how is this model doing?

“Neo’s is the first of the new generation. It’s the equivalent of a 50 cc and right from the start we received a fair amount of feedback, at a time when the market is showing interest in electric bikes. Well, with Neo’s we haven’t managed to explode yet, but there’s all the necessary time”.

Yamaha Booster, official website sourceYamaha Booster, official website source

What are the customer requests for electric vehicles?

“There is a lot of confusion about electric and what it can offer. Then, let’s add that there are many players, the market offers a good availability of models. But Neo’s stands out and is very competitive, it is equipped with a double removable battery. Another focus on which it focuses is speed and recovery, two important characteristics that should not be underestimated in electric vehicles”.

Yamaha was the first, thirty years ago, to have the intuition and to produce the first pedal assisted bicycle, why did it stop?

“Yes, the first bicycle with PAS electric assistance dates back to 1993. Yamaha has never stopped, it has been perfected ever since. The system has also been reviewed and used by other manufacturers. Only now, the time seems right for us to start thinking about the distribution of electrified vehicles”

The Yamaha Booster range, in collaboration with Fantic, is about to debut on the market. How much longer do we have to wait? What are the costs of the two models?

“La partnership con Fantic it is a meeting. After the sale of the company branch, there has always been an excellent dialogue between the brands. This project was born for the Booster range, which sees some of Fantic’s skills recognizable both on the e-bike and on the Booster S-pedelec, which will mount Yamaha engines.

The range will be available before the summer and we have not yet disclosed the costs of both”.

Yamaha Booster, official website sourceYamaha Booster, official website source

What are the features of Yamaha Booster e-bike and S-pedelec?

“The first is an e-bike, which develops a maximum speed permitted by current regulations of 25 km/h. While Yamaha Booster S-pedelec is an electric moped, with a maximum speed of 45 km/h. To drive it you must have an AM, therefore wear a helmet, register it and insure it.

Both specimens have a contemporary style, high performance and technology. The minimalist frame is made of aluminum, the engine is light and with generous torque. In short, they are both zero-emission vehicles with ‘fat’ wheels, capable of giving autonomy, grit and speed in urban travel and in free time”.

The “GenZ” is attentive to technology and asks to be increasingly connected. How does Yamaha respond?

“The need to always be informed about everything and always have the vehicle we’re driving under control is now at the top of all manufacturers’ projects. Yamaha keeps pace, creating the dialogue between models and users’ smartphones. Above all, we seek to develop and create that technology to be applied that is easy to access and affordable for everyone.

Here in this there is also the theme of sharing, therefore of the usability of the means, which in the new mobility represents the new direction towards which everyone is looking. There is still a lot to do in this field”.

How is Yamaha’s mission to become carbon neutral by 2035 progressing?

“The neutrality plan for the Yamaha factories is an important objective. We are aiming for a 92% reduction in CO2 emissions, compared to 2010, from manufacturing operations at Yamaha Motor’s domestic and international plants by 2035, compared to 2010.

In addition, the remaining CO2 emissions will be offset by internationally recognized methods to fulfill the company’s plan to achieve carbon neutrality in all its plants.

It’s a game at stake. In particular, we are committed to reducing emissions by using materials such as polycarbonates derived from recycled plastics in the construction of vehicles. Furthermore, we are adopting green aluminum processing, which cancels emissions”.

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