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SAP Labs France doubles the charging of electric vehicles

Good news from the world of energy, SAP Labs France aims and doubles the charging capacity of electric vehicles.

Eaton is the company specialized in intelligent energy management. Now, it implements its energy storage system xStorage Compact at SAP Labs France. Combining it with intelligent control software for electric vehicles developed by SAP Labs France itself.

Thanks to this solution, SAP Labs France has optimized the use of self-produced photovoltaic energy, doubling the recharging power for its fleet of electric vehicles and avoiding a drastic increase in consumption from the grid.

A company smore and more avant-garde in systems

The company SAP Labs France deals with research and development for the leading company in enterprise applications. It is at the forefront of the electrification of corporate fleets. Its transition program has seen a gradual growth in the number of electric vehicles from 6 in 2014 to 271 in 2021 (representing 93% of the entire fleet).

SAP Labs France doubles the charging capacity of electric vehicles, source press officeSAP Labs France targets and doubles the charging capacity of electric vehicles, source press office

Having installed in 2018, fast charging stations and solar panels on the roof of all its buildings. These for grid-independent generation of photovoltaic energy.

The company realizes it cannot integrate them into its electric vehicle charging infrastructure (EVCI). Since the production of photovoltaic energy was independent of the charging network.

Thus, SAP Labs France opted for the integration of fast charging stations with Eaton’s energy storage system. In this way, the costs of the project are contained.

xStorage Compact at the heart of a state-of-the-art solution

After installing Eaton’s energy storage system. There SAP Labs France upgrade the control system to integrate its data into an intelligent algorithm. This developed by Gérald Seiler, SAP Open E-Mobility Founder di SAP Labs Franceand from his team.

This smart grid can manage the charging infrastructure. Consumption inside the building and the production of photovoltaic energy. Thanks to a centralized energy management system.

So xStorage Compact allows to SAP Labs France to accumulate the excess energy from the photovoltaic panels. To use it during periods of high consumption and reduced or absent photovoltaic production. This source of renewable energy generated and stored locally.

It can then be redeployed when the demand on the grid is high, allowing SAP Labs France to control and optimize charging costs and to protect the grid against power peaks.

The company now has the ability to smooth out the energy demand peaks of its fast charging stations and improve the efficiency of its photovoltaic infrastructure.

The words of the Manager of Eaton

“We are extremely proud to be able to contribute our storage solution to such an innovative and ambitious project,” he explains Christophe Bourgueil, Energy Storage Business Development Manager di Eaton. “Furthermore, SAP’s Intelligent Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure (EVCI) Control System represents a further development opportunity, both from a technical and commercial point of view. In fact, integrated systems, including EVCI, photovoltaic systems, storage and energy management, are becoming increasingly popular”.

“By partnering with Eaton, we have doubled our charging capacity and power. The Green Deal program presented by the EU envisages a fleet of 13 million electric vehicles on the road by 2025, with the consequent installation of more than one million public charging stations”, he declares Gerald Seiler. “This project is part of SAP Labs France’s strategy to achieve the electrification of 100% of the fleet with zero carbon emissions by 2023, with the aim of providing companies and local authorities with a replicable model to encourage the transition to electric vehicles”.

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