Interview with Gian Franco Nanni: Made in Italy is Askoll’s ally

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More than nineteenth century patents related to the development of technology home appliancesil Made in Italyl’innovation and being pioneer of the market mobility electric. The Vicenza-based company is all this and much more Askoll EVA.

Interview Gian Franco Nanni: Made in Italy is Askoll’s ally, press office source

In June, it hits the market XKP in the version L1 e L3two new models that basically start from the successful and renewed series eSbut they have a mission: attract the attention of millennials.

Not only that, with the opportunity to test XKP (in the L3 version), we asked a Gian Franco Nanni, CEO Of Askolto summarize the almost ten years of success of the brand.

The thermal two-wheeler market records important numbers in the first part of the year, the electric one struggles, but Askoll brings home the numbers. What’s the strategy?

“The first part of the year smiles at us, we are the first to register in the electric sector.

In particular, Askoll embraces a type of offer, which gives opportunities to sharing and to individuals. Above all, there is greater awareness in the users who choose us, over time we have built a network and an image of reliability. Dealers have become points of reference, where those who buy Askoll are aware that they have purchased a 100% Made in Italy vehicle”.

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From 2015 to today, how do you summarize these almost ten years of electric Askoll?

“Everything has changed: the way of thinking about mobility is experiencing a new phase, private individuals have begun to embrace the electric, they no longer see it only as sharing and an ally of delivery. The private user now knows how to clearly distinguish the offer and in the last almost ten years many things have changed in Askoll”.

For example?

“The offer is easily recognizable and stands out on the market, our batteries are always the same, but in almost ten years we have doubled the charge capacity and at the same time we have made them lighter. Alongside the removable battery, we have added the indispensable charger to always have with you and to be plugged into any domestic outlet”.

Interview Gian Franco Nanni: Made in Italy is Askoll's ally, press office sourceInterview Gian Franco Nanni: Made in Italy is Askoll’s ally, press office source

What resistance do you still have towards electric vehicles?

“The cultural aspect that exists towards the electric must be improved. Basically, many are still afraid of running out of charge in the middle of the day and don’t fully understand the virtues of owning an electric vehicle.

That’s why to overcome the fear of standing still, you have to be concrete. Askoll with the removable battery and its Made in Italy offers a guarantee of authenticity and a service that lasts over time”.

Has Askoll managed to raise awareness and retain customers?

“Absolutely yes. Customers believe the service works. Basically our NGS and EVOlution have grown and today we present the new XKP.

At the beginning, many customers approached us through sharing, using our electric scooters in everyday life”.

Askoll guarantees its vehicles with the formula for six years, can you explain how it works and where did the idea come from?

“Our batteries last over six years and don’t need to be replaced, they are well made and last over time. Proof? These are the fleets provided for sharing. Yes, they are loaded by staff, but so far their life cycle has not expired and a few years have passed.

In Askoll, when we have a project, we complete it and make it well done. This path has been going on for forty-five years. We started from our patents applied to household appliances, we have produced millions of them, perfecting them over time. As soon as we reached a stage, where production had peaked, we moved on to not shelving all the design done, but bringing it to the creation of electric vehicles.

We suffered a lot from the electric mobility proposals that came from the Asian market, but our strength is Made in Italy, which we put into every component and finish of our vehicles. From the copper wire to the final assembly – everything is in our hands.

So why not take a gamble and give our customers a six-year vehicle and battery warranty?

Again, the batteries are produced in-house, we buy and choose the lithium-ion cells from the big names like Samsung, Panasonic and LG, then start all the possible life cycle simulations they may have.

This process rewards us on several fronts. Furthermore, a well-made product will not cause after-sales problems, the customer is satisfied with having chosen us.

The six-year guarantee is also synonymous with the safety of the vehicle purchased and with the relationship of trust that Askoll has with its customers and future ones”.

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