Knox Matrix is ​​the new era of Samsung device security

Samsung Knox

Samsung Knox is synonymous with protection for billions of users around the world, with ten years of activity behind it. Now Samsung Electronics looks to the new era of device security with Knox Matrixwhich embodies the company’s vision for an even more connected and protected future.

Knox Matrix represents neither new frontier of mobile security at the forefront of Samsung, which envisions a future where connected devices can protect each other. Not only user safety, therefore, but a real ecosystem structured around protection. Ten years of mobile security with Samsung Knox has led to an evolution that has protected billions of businesses and consumers around the world. Now the company ushers in a new era for device security, increasingly connected and protected.

The risks of an increasingly connected world

Most users around the world already own a number of connected devices, from mobile devices to home appliances. Today there are more 14 billion connected devices on the market, confirming an increasingly vast phenomenon. A growing presence of connected devices, despite the benefits, also represents a increased security risk. And Samsung knows this well, thinking of new services that can keep up with a potential increase in threats to connectivity.

In a traditional security infrastructure, a single compromised device has the ability to impact others within the same ecosystem. This is precisely the challenge of Knox Matrix, in a revolutionary approach that opens the door to a new era for multi-device securityfrom smartphones to household appliances.

Samsung Knox

Come funziona Samsung Knox Matrix

The peculiarity of Knox Matrix is ​​the ability to identify the threat within the ecosystem, isolating the compromised device. Samsung devices equipped with this system work to protect each other in a connected network, but without risking being harmed by one of them. The Knox Matrix holder then acts as a “smart shield”, where the more devices connected to each other, the higher the overall security.

Trust Chain, Credential Sync e Cross Platform SDK

The success of Knox Matrix is ​​ensured by three main functions, which operate within a private blockchain. There Trust Chain allows devices to check each other for potential threats. The security of user information is instead possible thanks to Credential Sync, which manages them between the various devices. Devices of different operating systems and platforms (including Android, Tizen and Windows, but not limited to) can join the Knox Matrix network thanks to the Cross Platform SDKin accordance with the highest safety standards.

Thanks to the simultaneous action of these features, devices can remain protected even in a hyperconnected world. Knox Matrix handles all of this in one blockchain private, which allows compatible devices to protect each other by checking for threats. The introduction of new features will complement the development of an intelligent monitoring infrastructure for all users.

Samsung device

Samsung’s challenge: a hyper-connected but easy-to-use system

As development of the Knox Matrix continues apace, there are several challenges Samsung faces as it enters the new era of mobile security. There connection between different types of products, with different operating systems and standards, is one of the obstacles in a hyperconnected network. The goal is to ensure the functioning of a frictionless system, but above all the ease of use for users, who do not have to interface with a more complex system.

Samsung is working to guarantee users a service transparent, safe and easy to use. Fundamental, beyond protection, is the freedom of choice for users and the ability to make informed decisions about their devices, without complications.

When will Knox Matrix be available

The Knox Matrix’s debut as a system for protecting connected ecosystems will take place through several phases, starting with the products Samsung Galaxy. Compatible devices will be available starting in 2024 with the three main features (Trust Chain, Credential Sync and Cross Platform SDK), with more to follow through updates.

Samsung plans to extend Knox Matrix compatibility to home appliances within the next three years. In the meantime the development of the is already underway compatibility with partner products of the company.

A guarantee of safe innovations

Samsung has a long history of securing devices, working closely with the most trusted industry partners and the broader security community. Systems like SmartThings, TrustZone and Knox Suite have contributed to raise the standards of the company in terms of safety, placing it today among the most reliable.

Knox Matrix is ​​just the latest cutting-edge innovation in the history of Samsung Knox, which enjoys a prestigious position in defining thefuture era of security of the devices.

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