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Razer: Leviathan V2 arrives, the new subwoofer soundbar for PC gaming

Razer has finally unveiled Leviathan V2, its all-new soundbar designed exclusively to give the best PC gaming experience

The audio that can be heard through the speakers of your TV or monitor, very often tends to be sufficiently acceptable for everyday activities; however, just in case enjoy a piece of music, a film, or immerse yourself in the world of a video game, very often the sound sector emitted directly by the various devices is hardly satisfactory. Here then is the need for an audio device in itself, which guarantees an infinitely superior quality, and which often allows to obtain even further advantages.

We are talking about the Soundbars, which nowadays are become more and more widespread and used in the homes of many people, with hundreds of models and variants on the market. As far as PC Gaming is concerned, if you don’t necessarily want to wear headphones, a Soundbar is undoubtedly a purchase to consider; Razer, a company now inextricably linked to the world of PC gaming, therefore wanted to present its new Soundbar Leviathan V2, which will be released in the coming weeks.

The new soundbar for PC gaming: Razer’s Leviathan V2

The details regarding Razer’s Leviathan V2 Sounbar show how every aspect of it has been designed to give the best in PC Gaming: it is the first gaming subwoofer soundbar with the THX Spatial Audio, It can be activated from the PC and offers an incredible sound quality, clear and sharp, even without the use of headphones. The multi-driver soundbar is designed with the intent of maximize every entertainment experience, with clear highs and punchy lows, generating realistic and clear audio in movies and games, bass and pulsing for heart-pounding action scenes and soundtracks. In addition to hearing, the eye will also have something to enjoy with RGB 18-zone Razer Chroma, each individually controllable. The RGB lighting is placed on the speakers, and there are countless patterns for dynamic lighting effects even while playing.

Speaking of the components that make up this brand new Soundbar, there are two 48 x 95mm full range drives, two 43 x 125mm passive radiators, two 20mm tweeters it’s a subwoofer facing down from 140mm. The Leviathan 2 Soundbar has a latest generation bluetooth system, capable of ensuring a stable connection and easier switching between connected devices. Finally, thanks to its compact design, Leviathan 2 can be supported by removable feet, so you can adjust the angle and tilt to position it the way you like it under your screen. Razer Leviathan V2 is already available for pre-order on the official Razer website, and can be purchased at a cost of 249.99 euros.

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