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Introduced the new Qi2 wireless charging standard

Il Consumer Electronic Show (CES 2023) in Las Vegas is one, if not the first, of the most important events dedicated to the world of tech and on the occasion of a preview dedicated to the press, Wireless Power Consortium presented Qi2.

It is a new wireless charging standard for technological devices such as smartphones, smart watches and other supported products.

What is Qi2, a new charging standard presented at CES 2023

A recent technological evolution of its predecessor, Qi2 is expected to arrive on the market by the end of the year, thus offering the millions of users who use wireless charging a better user experience than ever.

Invented by the Wireless Power Consortium, an organization founded to create power protocols, Qi2 will feature a global protocol for wireless charging.

“Consumers and retailers have told us they are confused about which devices are Qi-certified. This confusion can lead to a poor experience and even security issues,” he said Paul Struhsaker, executive director of the Wireless Power Consortium. “Our standard ensures that devices remain safe, efficient and interoperable with other brands. Qi2 will be the global protocol for wireless charging and will provide consumers and retailers with more of a guarantee.”

To achieve this unique standard, many large companies in the tech world have partnered with the WPC. It also appears in the list Applenot new to partnership with the Wireless Power Consortium and which has made available the technology behind it MagSafe to allow other manufacturers to take a cue from it.

The novelty introduced by Qi2

Definitely the Magnetic Power Profilemagnet inserted in the charging bases to automatically align the smartphone in the right position during charging and thus not losing contact between the phone and Qi2.

We can see that through improved efficiency and interoperability, Qi2 will enable consumers to enjoy faster charging for some devices and pave the way for future increases in wireless charging speeds.

“Energy efficiency and sustainability are on everyone’s mind these days,” concluded Struhsaker.

“Qi2’s perfect alignment improves energy efficiency by reducing energy loss that can occur when the phone or charger is misaligned. Equally important, Qi2 will greatly reduce landfill waste associated with wired charger replacement due to broken plugs and the stress placed on cables by daily plugging and unplugging.”

Furthermore, such a tool proves to be essential especially if we think that from 2024 all smartphones and tablets sold in the EU will have to be equipped with USB-C and also include the possibility of using a wireless charging.

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