PS5: release of SLIM announced

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Like a bolt from the blue, the news arrives that no one expected: PS5 SLIM has a release date. Discover the details with us

Since the dawn of time, we’ve known that the perfect gift every Christmas is a new gaming console. So why not take advantage of it this year with the PS5 SLIM who finally has one official release date: November 2023. In reality, this date is only valid for the US market. Arriving like a bolt from the blue, this news will shake up the gaming world with a new next-gen console from PlayStation, which (even) will become the only model on the market completely replacing the original PS5 currently still on sale. Apparently the aim is to guarantee greater flexibility for gamers, because the PS5 SLIM will include all the features of the predecessor model in a miniature format.

PS5: release of SLIM announced

PS5 SLIM: release date and technical characteristics

Through a quiet announcement on the official PlayStation blog, the press release arrives regarding the official release date for the PS5 Slim: the miniature model that it will completely replace the previous version. In fact, the new console has a volume reduced by 30%, weight by 18% and 24% compared to the previous PS5. There will be four separate panels to make up the cover, with the upper part glossy and the lower part matte. Also, if you purchase the version PS5 Digital Editionyou can then buy the Ultra HD Blu-ray player sold for the modest sum of 119.99€.

But when will it be available? The PS5 has different release dates: while in the USA it will be sold from November, the other markets will have to wait as the console is made available in the following months. The price? 549.99€ for the version with the UHD player, 449.99€ for the version Digital.

How about? So, has the time come for you to get your hands on the next-gen console from PlayStation? Let us know in the comments below. For further updates on the world of video games, and beyond, stay tuned to Instead, if you are interested in some game keys at a discounted price, we refer you to the offers on Instant Gaming.

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