iOS 15, the patch that protects the Apple ID arrives

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Apple releases the patch for two iOS 15 vulnerabilities, which potentially would have allowed third-party apps to access the‘Apple ID and bypass the settings for the privacy of users. Cupertino engineers have thus buffered this safety risk.

iOS 15, a patch blocks access to Apple ID and privacy settings

In a recent support document, Apple announced that it has fixed a potentially very serious security issue. According to Apple, the potential impact was very high. “A malware application may have access to some of the Apple ID information or the words you have recently searched for in the app, ”it reads.

The login problem was reported by Steve Troughton-Smith, which also helped the Cupertino engineers solve the problem. According to the document, Apple has increased the sandbox restrictions for third party applications.

In addition to this problem for iOS 15 and iPadOS 15, another patch solves an equally serious problem (present in this case also on watchOS 8.0 as well as on iPhone and iPad). Indeed it appears that an exploit allowed for bypass the Privacy preferences. Apple doesn’t go into detail but it appears the bug could have allowed access to your private information.

The two problems are particularly serious, especially given the great focus that Apple has put in its marketing campaigns on Privacy.

However, the new patches address the two issues for iOS 15 at the moment adopted byl 72% of users who have bought an iPhone in the past four years. At the moment the latest version is iOS 15.2.1 while the beta version is iOS 15.3.

Apple, which had allowed many users to stay on iOS 14 by receiving security updates for a limited time, is now pushing for a move to iOS 15. Which should become more secure every day, thanks to patches like these.

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