Schaeffler consegna i primi motori elettrici nella ruota thumbnail

On delivery first electric motors in the Scheffler wheel

They start prime deliveries of the engines electric in the wheel by Schaeffler. The automotive supply group begins distributing the first unconventional electric powertrains. Specifically, the constructor starts at the production in serie Of engines electric. These are born to be integrated into hubs wheel for three customers producing compact urban electric vehicles.

Schaeffler, how the electric motor installed in the wheel hub works

Let’s start from here: in the wheel there are all the necessary transmission components. This gives the advantage of saving space. Not just for Scheffler makes vehicles agile and easy to navigate through traffic. In essence, the unit drive is no longer in the center of the vehicle. There is it space of corresponding installation, which can be used for battery additional o intended to further storage.

So the unit DRIVING, consisting of an electric motor, a gearbox and a mechanical friction brake. Can be built into a 14 inch (or larger) rim. while, theinverter has yet to be placed in the vehiclebut does not necessarily have to be located in the drive axle and can be positioned flexibly.

Another peculiarity, a inverter can control up to two wheel-mounted motors. Depending on the link, i engines they have one power nominal between 7 and 26 kW and a peak power of up to 60 kW. Schaeffler is currently developing drive systems from 48 to 400 volts; even higher voltages are possible in the future, according to the manufacturer.

Schaeffler 1Schaeffler delivers the first electric motors in the wheel

Scheffler, the first deliveries and the words of the founder Nicolas Jungo

Just by Jung comes the multifunctional vehicle with direct drive to the wheel. There collaboration, Jung e Schaeffler created to adapt the specific daily needs of commercial road sweeping to the transmission.

Nicolas Jungfounder of the company and its managing director, explains: “The electric motors in the wheels and the braking technology eliminate the need for oil changes and significantly improve the performance of our vehicles in terms of efficiency, weight / power ratio, safety, handling and braking reliability”.

Scheffler, that’s why the electric hub motor revolutionises mobility

Schaeffler focuses on electric wheel motors for construction machinery used mainly in urban centres. In such vehicles, the disadvantages of in-wheel motors are negligible.

Wheel hub traction can make handling at higher speeds and/or dynamic driving more difficult. But in some areas such as waste collection, snow plows or light vans, low city speeds and few stresses make the environment favourable.

In the end Schaeffler says vehicle operators will also benefit from the fact that the in-wheel hub motors have long-life, low-maintenance bearings and gearboxes, which means less intervention and lower operating costs.

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