iOS: iPhone and iPad version 16 will support Nintendo Switch controllers

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The Nintendo Switch controllers “drift” in the direction of the iPhone and iPad: the update to version 16 of iOS will boast more inputs

Given the rumors of early June circulating, it is expected to have news for a new Direct but apparently Nintendo Switch opens the week with the compatibility of its controllers on iPhone ed iPad to the next update of iOS (the version 16). Apple announced the novelty during its own Worldwide Developers Conference of yesterday. At the end of the conference, the first beta was made available. The developer Riley Testut found in testing that the Pro Controller is now recognized and supported by his device. And as you will see from his tweet, the step to console equivalent is short.

“To iOS”: version 16 of iPhone and iPad transforms Apple devices into Nintendo Switch

Testut also repeated the test with the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con, discovering that with the iOS version 16 devices such as iPhone and iPad can support them individually. “Apple has made an implementation with controfiocchi,” acknowledged Testut in his posts on the Twitter profile. The controllers during the test were mapped to the Nintendo 64 game emulator Delta. The engineering manager of Apple then proceeded to confirm everything, Nat Brown, which emphasized individual Joy-Con recognition via a short cut. We let you consult the post.

“By pairing both controllers, holding both secondary keys (capture on the left Joy-Con and HOME on the right) for a few seconds, you can merge and / or separate them,” Brown confirmed. It is not yet known whether this will also apply to the other Switch controllers, such as those reserved for subscribers to the online service. The public beta is scheduled for this July, while the update for Apple’s entire user base is set for the month of September. Apple has been supporting the various controllers native to the console world for some time now, as seen with those of the Xbox One and PS4 (2019) and their next-gen counterparts (2021).

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