iPhone 14 Pro, the display may have two ‘holes’

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For some time now there have been rumors that Apple will abandon the notch in 2022. But it seems that to replace it, iPhone 14 Pro will have not one but two punch-holes for the selfie camera and for Face ID. In fact, the latest rumors show a decidedly new design for the Apple smartphone.

iPhone 14 Pro may have two punch-holes for camera and Face ID

We recently discussed the fact that the iPhone 14 Pro may have a pill-shaped punch-hole. This would allow you to have a quality camera for selfies, and then leave the infrared sensors for Face ID under the display.

These days on Twitter among the leakers the idea that Apple can insert is spreading two different punch-holes in the display of the new smartphone. One elliptical for the camera and one round for the Face ID.

apple iphone 14 pro face ide fotocamera punch hole-min-min(Credit: Phone Arena)

However, it appears that the material that the sensor for the Face ID will be covered with reflective material. So while there is technically a second display punch-hole, we should only see the pill-shaped one. The ‘hole’ for the camera on the other hand should remain uncovered for ensure sufficient light, suitable for higher quality shots. Face ID’s infrared sensors, on the other hand, don’t need to let in more light.

It remains to be seen whether, if you pick up the iPhone 14 Pro live, you will be able to see the second punch-hole in the screen, or whether Apple has done a good enough job of hiding it under the display. It seems instead that the sensor for the Touch ID under the screen is not intended for iPhone 14 and can only arrive in 2023 (so you will have a hard time unlocking iPhone 14 Pro with the mask).

Information on Apple’s next smartphone continues to be released. We will keep you updated for any news.

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