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iPhone 14: renderings of the next Apple device leaked online

No, it’s not a typo. A little less than a week after the launch of the highly anticipated iPhone 13, important leaks about the renderings of the highly secret iPhone 14 are leaking online. Here’s everything we know.

Important information about the iPhone 14 leaks

There are less than 5 days to the official launch of the iPhone 13, and curiosity around the device is growing more and more. It therefore seems absurd that one can have information on iPhone 14, a device that will not see the light before next year. Well that’s it: the internet is a wonderful place as well the first renderings of the future Apple smartphone are already online.

Judging from what you see from the leaks, as reported by, the design is not very far from what Apple has accustomed us to in recent years. However, there are two important changes: the absence of the notch and the configuration of the rear camera. But let’s go in order. The notch, which has always been the iPhone’s trademark, has completely disappeared. This is replaced by a single front camera for selfies, mounted in the center of the top of the device. The second big news concerns the back: the rear camera will be fully integrated, without external swelling. We will therefore have a completely flat smartphone!

Despite this last shocking novelty, the thickness of the smartphone does not seem to vary. We can therefore assume that there has been an important work also from an engineering point of view since cameras of this type take up a lot of space. The fact that the notch has disappeared could lead to the assumption that, with it, the Face ID also disappears. Don’t worry, according to i facial recognition sensors will be present and integrated into the screen. A procedure similar to the selfiecam that we are now used to seeing in the Android world.

iPhone 14 or iPhone 4?

From the leak of the renderings it is clear that the next iPhone 14 will have a metal frame. To be honest, as early as July, it was assumed that the next Apple devices would be made of titanium. Of course there is the fact that the design is very reminiscent of the old iPhone 4, with the rounded volume buttons. The charging port is Lightning, so dear USB-C fans, sorry, but it will be for the next iPhone ..

Rumors or reality? We will only find out by tweeting

We would like to point out that the leaked renders were not released by Apple. Cupertino is in fact, at the moment, busy with the launch of the iPhone 13. The renderings in question were made by an artist who relied on projects received from anonymous sources. Other rumors on twitter, related to iPhone 14 Pro Max, speak of one 6.7-inch screen with a 48MP main camera, with support for the acquisition of video in 8K.

We invite you to consider all this information as rumors. There is still a year to find out if these rumors will be confirmed, until then we can enjoy the presentation of the iPhone 13 scheduled for September 14th.

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