iPhone 15, autonomy will be better thanks to the Apple A17 chip

iPhone 15, l'autonomia sarà migliore grazie al chip Apple A17 thumbnail

L’iPhone 15 it is one of the most anticipated smartphones for 2023 and the chip A17which should be employed in this model, could focus more on battery life than exclusively on the power of the iPhone itself.

3nm technology could be the key to making the iPhone 15 battery last longer

TSMCthe Taiwanese multinational famous for the production of chips and official supplier of Apple, has recently started production of the new technology a 3nanometri intended for the A17 chip of the iPhone 15. This new chip is much more powerful and performing than the previous ones and the technology behind the 3nm could really revolutionize the Apple smartphone.

Indeed, according to a statement by the president of TSMC Mark Liu and reported by Bloomberg on the power of 3nm chips, these are intended to offer: “better performance than 5nm chips, while requiring about 35% less energy“.

Hence the suspicion that this new technology could focus more on the battery and as far as one might expect exceptional performance from the highly anticipated iPhone 15, it can only please, especially iPhonistithe idea of ​​a greater cure related to the duration of the malephone’s charge.

Despite the efforts of recent years, battery life is one of the weaknesses of many smartphones, including iPhones. Paying greater attention to this component is extremely important if we think of the role that these phones now have in our lives.

Furthermore, the collaboration between TSMC and Apple is long-standing, so it is not even surprising that the Cupertino multinational has decided to rely once again on one of the most important chip manufacturing companies in the world.

It obviously remains that there are still several months left for the release of the iPhone 15 and thehype it does nothing but grow, among enthusiasts, day by day. We just have to wait for the official release of the characteristics of what is about to become one of best news of 2023.