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Resident Evil 4 Remake: new information coming soon

New information about Resident Evil 4 Remake will come in the coming months. Let’s find out the details in this news

Since its official announcement, which took place after many rumors, during the State Of Play last June, Resident Evil 4 Remake has captured the interest of millions of fans, who can’t wait to know new information about it. This is not surprising at all, as the title is a remake of one of the most iconic chapters of the horror saga by Capcom, which, in the past few hours, has declared that we will still have news of the game before its official release. Are you ready to get back into action?

Capcom will reveal new information about Resident Evil 4 Remake soon

The remake of the famous Resident Evil 4 will make its debut on PC, Xbox Series X / S, PS4 and PS5 on March 24th, but it seems that before then the developers intend to release new information on the matter. It therefore seems that the highly anticipated title will return to show itself over the next few months that separate it from the official release.

Resident Evil 4 Remake: new information coming soon

Currently it is not clear what these new arrivals consist of. This could be a trailer, a new gameplay video, or something else. All that remains is to wait to find out together what the software house has in store for the fans. While waiting for March to arrive, if you are a fan of the genre, do not miss the return of another famous horror title, or Dead Space, whose remake has officially entered the gold phase, and will arrive on January 27th.

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