Our top 10 best movies of 2022

Avvocato fallimentare: cosa fa e come trovarlo

The year is coming to an end and it’s time to take stock: the TechGameWorld.com editorial staff presents the top 10 of the best films of 2022

The year 2022 that is about to end has seen a return of films in cinemas, and albeit with a certain caution there have been many interesting titles that have trod the scenes. There was no lack of quality, with some productions acting as a driving force for the sector. We at TechGameWorld.com have tried to enucleate the best films of 2022, asking the entire editorial staff for this purpose. The following ten titles are the result of this vote. It goes without saying that the choice was also dictated by personal tastes and that we do not think we have the absolute truth on the subject. Also for this, let us know in the comments which is your heart series of 2022!

The best films of 2022: our top 10

In this list of the best films released in Italy in the current year, we have tried to range between the various genres and the various nationalities, not only considering the more or less vast audience success that the single title has enjoyed. So here is our top 10!

10 – Drought

An American plot (a post-apocalyptic in which there has been no water in Rome for three years) and a very Italian mentality, style and writing (Paolo Virzì but also Francesco Piccolo and Francesca Archibugi) create a marriage that has gone beyond the most rosy expectations. Born to talk about the pandemic through a not very subtle metaphor, this film is much more, it is a journey through all the areas of Rome that represent all the possibilities of our society (rich, poor, famous, marginal, academic, ignorant, lazy , active, stupid, predators and prey) in contact with an extreme situation that lets out the true character. The tone is tragic and therefore humorous, the acting of all involved is excellent and the optimistic spirit within a tragic scenario, a positive and sunny air in a story in which nothing ends well, is the most flagrant cinematic representation of the spirit of a people. Drought deservedly entered the list of the best films of the year.

9 – Top Gun: Maverick | The best movies of 2022

Tom Cruise signs a new blockbuster, with the usual stunts and triumphs among audiences and critics while remaining faithful to Christopher McQuarrie. The most unreal action scenes are accompanied by careful writing and what could have been a nostalgia operation is actually an original film, full of desire to do action with quality. It’s the most trivial thing in the world to tell about an American-style hero who finally makes it, yet when Maverick (once again) makes an impossible mission possible we can’t help but rejoice. Excellent editing and sound work once again show American cinema at its best.

8 – Belfast

Shot in beautiful black and white, with this film written and directed by him, Kenneth Branagh recounts his (autobiographical) childhood in the homonymous working-class neighborhood during the tumultuous summer of 1969, at the height of social unrest: Catholics and Protestants, loving neighbors only an instant ago, suddenly become mortal enemies.

7 – Licorice Pizza | The best movies of 2022

Once again Paul Thomas Anderson brings cinema of the highest quality to theaters, one so free that it contains many different films within itself, one so well done that it is capable, already in the first scene, of making us fall in love with two characters we know nothing about but whose interaction is in itself a magnet. Along this story of a young boy but full of desire to be grown up and an older girl who is unresolvedthere is the secret of life in a suburban area, of the aspirations and tenderness of the 20s.

6 – The Batman

There is something about this character that is capable of bringing out the best in the filmmakers. Even this new version with Robert Pattinson that could have seemed risky turned out to be fantastic. Bruce Wayne has just started his second night job, is inexperienced and is treated like a kid. Nirvana soundtrack paired with exceptional somber cinematography speaks of youthful anger, disillusionment and a sense of estrangement from the world. A real outcast who feels different in a city that keeps getting worse, along a film-river that constantly keeps the viewer’s attention high.

5 – Elvis | The best movies of 2022

Baz Luhrmann’s eclectic direction transports the story of Elvis Presley to the screen, from the dust of Mississippi, where he was born and raised, in poverty, to stages around the world, where he became a world-famous star. The last of a long season of important biopics, he owes a good chunk of his success to the sensational interpretations of Austin Butler (an as well as realistic Elvis) and of Tom Hankswho plays Colonel Tom Parker, Elvis’ enigmatic manager who first of all sensed his rebellious and revolutionary spirit.

4 – Ennius

Through a long interview-confession, Giuseppe Tornatore with this documentary awarded with the David di Donatello gives us an all-round portrait of Ennio Morricone, a musician known and loved all over the world, one of the most influential and prolific of the twentieth century, twice Oscar winner, author of over 500 unforgettable soundtracks. The whole film is an ode to cinema, to creativity and to emotions that even just one note can convey. Ennio Morricone’s revolutionary and avant-garde nature transports the viewer into an ethereal world, into what is a transcendental experience to try at least once. A film about films, probably the best of the year.

3 – Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery | I migliori film del 2022

Sequel to the successful pre-Covid thriller of the same name, Glass Onion sees the return of Daniel Craig as detective Benoit Blanc intent on solving a mystery on a Greek island where an eccentric billionaire is staying. The film manages to maintain a high level of suspense like its predecessor, adding a generous dose of irony. Distributed by Netflix, it is certainly a very interesting product that could be the prelude to a franchise.

2 – Low cost generation

The directorial duo Julie Lecoustre and Emmanuel Marre follow the protagonist Adèle Exarchopoulos, a young woman who works as a flight attendant for a low-cost airline: he lives for the day, travels and has funtrue to her Tinder nickname “Carpe Diem”. It represents an entire generation in search of its place in the world.

1 – Avatar: The Way of Water | The best movies of 2022

Arriving in Italian cinemas in December, La via dell’acqua closes a somewhat fluctuating cinematic year with a rather troubled production. In the forecasts it should have been published in 2014, but various hitches have caused the release to be postponed. However, this seems to have benefited the quality, which is very high. A committed action movie, it follows in the wake of the first Avatar (with which, however, it will hardly hold a candle to it) and tells in great detail a world that is very distant but which we can somehow feel close to.

What do you think was the best film of the year? Let us know in the comments!

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