IRDM M2AA A2: The new MicroSD presented by Goodram

Goodram is pleased to announce the new IRDM M2AA A2. The new MicroCard will be ideal for 4K video, slow motion and other heavy tasks

Finally presented the new one IRDM M2AA A2 gives Goodram: it’s about a microSD ideal for anyone who wants to record in 4K, do filming in slow motion or save high quality photos in JPEG O RAW in a simple way and very fast. The card will be compatible with Android so it can be used as expansion card for your mobile device.

IRDM M2AA A2: The new MicroSD presented by Goodram

Technical features

The devices we usually use allow you to save more and more data in high quality. The board IRDM M2AA will allow you to make the most of the capabilities of your mobile device, video recorder or action cam. Thanks to its application performance A2, the card will be able to store multimedia files and applications within the device.

The latter can be used as mentioned also as an expansion card for your own memory smartphone or how memoria stand-alone for your most important files. For this type of product, the value is used as an index of quality IOPS: in the case of the card IRDM M2AA A2 let’s talk about 4000 IOPS in reading e 2000 IOPS in writing.

Read / write speed

Let’s move on to the salient topic of the article: speeds. The parameters are slightly above the average, we are talking about 170 MB / s in reading and 120 MB / s in writing. THE cuts available are many: 32, 64, 128, 256 and 512 GB.

Another important parameter lies in the video class V30 which ensures the maximum efficiency and reliability of the work including movies recorded in slow-motion and 4K video.

What do you think of this card IRDM M2AA A2 just presented by Goodram? Let us know with a comment below and keep reading allotek to stay updated on the latest news and more.

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