Is Street Fighter 6 going to be announced? The rumor

Capcom sta per annunciare Street Fighter 6? thumbnail

Earlier this week, on the official website of Capcom a mysterious countdown has appeared, which will end in a few days. It is currently unclear what this countdown may refer to, but some data miner they started digging into the page’s source code to find some clues: these users found references to Devil May Cry, Resident Evil and many other franchises Capcom. According to many, the most likely option would be Street Fighter 6.

Street Fighter 6 is coming?

The first evidence that points towards a new chapter of Street Fighter is that February 20, the day of the end of the countdown, coincides with an important event linked to the Capcom fighting game. In fact, on this date the season finale of the Capcom Pro Tour for Street Fighter 5: Championship Edition. This means that the countdown will likely end while the final match is in progress.

Capcom is known for making announcements during big tournaments, and this is just such a situation. At the same time also the account Twitter do Capcom dedicated to the Street Fighter soundtracks created a rather suspicious place with only the eye emoji and that of an hourglass, which would further confirm the Street Fighter 6 hypothesis.

Finally, Street Fighter 6 was one of the names included in the big hack that Capcom suffered at the end of 2020. The leak showed that the software house had plans to release the new Street Fighter in the 2022 and, although plans may change and whether it is a mere rumor, coincidence is remarkable and undoubtedly worthy of serious consideration.

The definitive answer, however, we will only have it in a few days; fortunately this is a relatively short wait.