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Pokémon Unite World: how to participate in the 1 million dollar tournament

The Pokémon Company has released details on how to participate in the upcoming Pokémon Unite World Championships. Let’s find out together in this article

The big tournament dedicated to the popular Pokémon mobile title will consist of a series of qualifying events starting in February 2022. These will eventually conclude with the World Championship event in the city of London. In addition to information on how to participate in the World Cup Pokémon Unitethe company also specified that the prize money total event will be 1 million dollars. At the heart of it all, Pokémon Unite, MOBA released in 2021 for platforms mobile.

Here’s how to participate in the upcoming Pokémon Unite World Championships

In dealing with the various eventsplayers will be able to participate using the Nintendo Switch, iOS or Android versions of the game. The title compares due team gives five players with the aim of earning points by completing aims scattered around the map. The game, as mentioned, came out last year. Pokémon Company did not miss the opportunity to raise the level of financing in the export sector. The tournament will be open to all players coming from different continents: Asia, Europe, Japan, South America, North America, Oceania and South Korea. The players, to participate in these world cup of Pokémon Unite they will have to know how to form a team da 5in addition, they will have to signing in to the platform Battlefly to participate in regional qualifiers.

Pokémon Unite World: how to participate in the 1 million dollar tournament

Obviously, all players of majority age are admitted. After qualifications regional, the process includes a monthly final. As the challenges will also take place, all players will earn a certain amount of Championship Points according to your own performance. Obviously the best team will climb the rankings and will have the opportunity to advance in championships regional. The best team regionali they can then be chosen to participate in the next ones Pokemon World Championship. The first open qualification for the tournament will be held on 19 and 20 February. For more details see official site of Pokémon Unite.

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