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ITQF: Samsung once again takes first place in 5 categories

Samsung Electronics Italia confirms itself in first place in Italy for the ITQF in 5 categories. Samsung Pay is also among the winners for the first time, recognized as a TOP service for smart payments

The edition of “Best in Italy – Service Champions 2023”, the survey by the German Quality and Finance Institute (ITQF), has just ended. The winners of the ranking of recognized brands for after-sales service have been announced and have distinguished themselves by results and customer reviews. Samsung Electronics Italia (here for more info) confirmed once again at the top of the standings. In first place, in five product categories. Indeed, the company confirms itself as number 1 in the service in the categories Household Appliances and Notebooks, TVs and Smartphones and Air Conditioners. It also won, for the first time this year, the Top Service seal in the Air Purifiers category and in that of smart payments with Samsung Pay.

Details on Samsung’s first place ITQF

The ITQF analysis was carried out through 312,956 interviews with customers in Italy. This on a panel of 1,929 companies from 190 different sectors of the Italian economy with the largest market shares in the country. For each market, a SES score (Service Experience Score) was calculated on the average service. This indicates the average share of Italians who judge the customer service of companies belonging to that sector as “Very Good”. Companies that score above the average receive the “Top Service” quality seal. The company that, on the other hand, obtains the highest score in the entire market to which it belongs receives the “Best in Italy-N.1 Service” seal.

ITQF: Samsung once again takes first place in 5 categories

Statements about the result

Vito Fortunato, Head of Customer Service Division of Samsung Electronics Italia, comments:

We are very proud of the trust customers place in us and we welcome this achievement with enthusiasm. We are aware of the quality of our offer! And it is essential for us to offer the excellence and innovation that consumers have learned to recognize in our brand also in assistance and support, throughout the product life cycle. In addition to the reconfirmation as number one in various product categories, we are particularly proud of having achieved important results also in new sectors, such as smart payments. Thus demonstrating our commitment to being constantly at the forefront to anticipate and meet the needs of our customers.

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