Three important factors for successful game localization


Global business is not possible without effective localization. It has become an essential process for companies that want to expand their operations overseas

Localization and its process varies according to the products and application for which it is used and applied. Be it dubbing a movie or going for different flavors of food as per the similarity of the target market, it is the localization that makes it adaptable for a foreign audience. Likewise, game localization is evident to address the new audience’s leisure and gaming activities.

Unlike other products and processes, the services of game localization professional can be complex and more realistic. Getting to the point that players immerse themselves in the story and the virtual world in which they find themselves. A premium-quality experience is only possible when games are modified according to players’ choices and preferences. Also, it is important to preserve the original version. Bad localization can tarnish the game’s image and reputation leading to negative feedback. Do you want to face all these challenges and create an effective and successful localization strategy? It is a must to follow some practices and execute the right decisions to make it smooth and successful.

Choose the right target audience

Not all products are received well in all regions. Taking your time and doing enough research is important. It will help you decide on the audience according to the nature of your games. Also, it will help to get positive response and good reception. In order to decide the localization process, it is significant to narrow down the options with potential players and game cult. For example, American gamers prefer action games as survey suggests. Similarly, the Japanese prefer dating simulators and games with robot themes. Likewise, Polish people look for games with good and intriguing puzzles. Therefore, it is important to be aware of these facts. Launching puzzle games for Japanese audiences could go wrong. Furthermore, cultural norms and legal regulations also have a great influence on the reception of the game.

Also, always try to be on the lookout for competitors with successful games in a different market to see and evaluate how you can improve your game. Let’s take the example of people in the Philippines. They like to play role – based games and are also very interested in puzzle and strategy games . Also, Filipino translation services are evident in understanding the gaming audience, content and potential players based in the Philippines.

Choose the right platforms

Choosing the right platforms is just as important in game localization. It is of prime importance to make localization effective and successful. For example, WhatsApp is a free instant messaging service that is commonly used around the world, while WeCom is widely used in China. You can play Candy Crush on Facebook in France and other countries, but not in China. The Chinese language is an ancient language and one of the most widely spoken languages ​​in the world. Translation services and Chinese interrelationship they are commonly acquired to meet the commercial needs of the people. Therefore, choosing the right platform for your game and more importantly the nature and genre of the game should mostly be checked and evaluated before making an official entry.

Also, the game data and software should not be heavy and should support old hardware and all types of devices as not everyone is using the latest and up-to-date gadgets.

Choosing the right content for localization

Do you want to generate maximum revenue and increase sales across borders? Narrowing down the right content for localization should be the next part of your operation. Usually, a new video game is launched simultaneously in a few target languages. Makes deadlines short for game localizers and leads to more translation errors. To address these issues, experts advise developers to plan localization early in game development and make changes accordingly. You need to plan and order the content needed for game localization in advance.

For example ‘Honor of kings’ which is a popular Chinese game has been correctly localized for the western world by removing the cultural references of the original game. The name was also changed to “Arena of valor” and had a different interface. The difference between the original and the adapted version is quite visible. The original game features more cartoons and the localized variant is more realistic and darker. Therefore, tagging the right content is one of the effective strategies to perform successful localization.

To localize content well and take business operations to the next level, business translation services are important. Making the right decisions and accessing the right target audience is the key to establishing and gaining global recognition.

In conclusion

Each process requires time, effort and money. Therefore, it is important to carry out the procedures strategically. Likewise, locating with the right tools and equipment should be the top concern of manufacturers. They need to make sure they’re picking the right people, platforms, and content to localize.