It’s all a podcast – all the benefits of listening to them!

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In this article we want to introduce you to the fantastic world of Podcasts and all the reasons why you should definitely listen to them

Amazing or not, it would seem that podcasts are a more lasting trend than what was believed. The average Italian listens to them constantly and can no longer do without them. They can be radio programs to catch up on news but also audio on crimes, TV series, sports and even gambling – the most loved by Winnita experts and players.

Podcasts are like houseplants: you don’t have to have them, but once they are there we can no longer do without it and are treated regularly. They are essential for the mind and recreation and provide aesthetic value and cognitive benefits to your living space.

This high-tech yet ultra-simple audio format has seen an increase in listeners over the past year, just like the current craze for all things botanical. The majority of Italians (almost 50%) believes he listens to more podcasts than he did a year or two ago. Without denying the advantages of digitalization, podcasts are also a child of digital media. But what are the real advantages of this “pastime”? Are they just a means to pass the time on social media or is there something else driving their consumption?

10 benefits of listening to podcasts:

  • You feel less alone

  • It turns out to be an easy way to relax

  • You learn new things

  • They reduce the time spent in front of a screen

  • They help you become a better listener

  • They can be an easy source of entertainment

  • They entertain the mind during not too demanding activities

  • They open up other worlds for you

Anxiety and stress? Listen to a podcast!

Music is scientifically proven to be relaxing stimulates the production of oxytocin in the brain. Oxytocin, also called the “love hormone,” is a neurotransmitter in the nervous system that has a calming and trusting influence on emotions.

A recent Spanish study found that even with a short guided mental meditation, oxytocin levels can increase, decreasing stress and anxiety levels. So if you have trouble relaxing after a long day, try listening to an audio about meditation or binaural beats because it seems to work.

In the United States, some podcasters are even making money thousands of dollars a month thanks to podcasts where you hear continuous and monotonous noises like that of a fan or a hairdryer for hours. They are the so-called white noises, which many people listen to to concentrate or fall asleep.

Awaken your attention span and your mood!

Scary situations are stimulating even though there are many who do not like fear. It seems, however, that others find it intoxicating and causes a necessary adrenaline effect for the body and mind. That’s why many of us visit haunted houses during Halloween, watch crime and thriller series on Netflix, or, indeed, they listen to podcasts about mysteries, murders and investigations on web platforms. Adrenaline is a hormone that, in this case, stimulates and alerts the brain.

Next to it the dopamine, that hormone that manages mood and motivation. And podcasts, perhaps the lighter and funnier entertainment ones, are also a means of cheering oneself up. There are those who indulge in sweets and chocolate, while there are those who listen to some jokes and laugh heartily!

A travel companion even on the move

Podcasts are based almost exclusively on sound. There are no images or videos and therefore stimulate the listener’s creativity and imagination. Narrative stories, like podcasts and audiobooks, encourage listeners to visualize the plot and characters in their headwithout having to carry bulky tomes with you or risk not getting off at the right stop because you are immersed in reading.

You learn with podcasts!

Standing in front of the PC and staring at a screen for hours can be tiring. You could therefore try taking a break from the computer and dedicating yourself to some auditory training, which can accompany you almost everywhere: while travelling, while walking to work (still paying attention to the highway code!) or while cleaning, washing dishes, etc.

You can thus learn new words, new languages ​​or refine those already known. The use of some expressions or some languages ​​changes depending on the interlocutors and even intonation and accents have a reason! By listening to podcasts, especially those that contain interviews and stories, you can discover different worlds and learn a lot of things. As a result, your vocabulary and understanding will benefit.

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