Samsung’s new robot vacuum cleaner also cleans with steam

Il nuovo robot aspirapolvere di Samsung pulisce anche con il vapore thumbnail

Samsung brings many new features to CES 2024, and manages to amaze even with robot vacuum cleaners: the Bespoke Jet Bot Combo, which also cleans with steam. The product doesn’t have a release date yet, but it promises to make keeping the floor clean and sanitized even easier.

Samsung Bespoke Jet Bot Combo also cleans with steam

According to Samsung’s press release (via The Verge)the company did not disclose the price of this new device. And it seems that the development of the robot vacuum cleaner that also allows you to clean with steam is still finishing.

Seen from the outside, the Bespoke Jet Bot Combo presents itself with a round form factor and an elegant charging base called Clean Station, which not only recharges the robot but also takes care of self-emptying and self-cleaning. Elegant and useful, but not revolutionary.

The novelty, however, lies in its ability to perform steam cleaning, a unique element among robot vacuum cleaners. Samsung claims that when the robot detects a stain, it autonomously heads to the cleaning station, heat the clothes with high temperature steam and, with its broom rotating at 170 revolutions per minute, it cleans with precision and effectiveness.

Samsung’s AI technology, already introduced on the previous Jet Bot AI Plus, allows the robot to recognize objects common obstacles present in the home environment and to avoid them along the way. Compared to its predecessor, the Combo features a object recognition updatealso thanks to a new 3D sensor, promises even more precise navigation.

At the moment, Samsung did not reveal specific details on the technical specifications of the vacuum cleaner, such as autonomy, battery capacity or the type of roller brush. It’s also unclear whether the robot will feature a built-in camera, a feature found in the Jet Bot AI Plus. We’ll find out more details at CES – but until there’s a release date, they could change. But we are certainly curious to understand the effectiveness of this steam cleaning.

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