Jaguar Classic presenta una straordinaria E-type per il Queen's Jubilee thumbnail

Jaguar Classic E-type in iconic UK colors

On the occasion of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Pageant, Jaguar Classic created and exhibited a customized E-type by the experts of Classic Works.

This E-type exclusive made its debut alongside fifteen iconic Jaguar models presented at the Jubilee Pageant. These include a selection of historically important E-types, a fully electric I-PACE eTROPHY racing car and seven convertibles.

The car was commissioned from a customer who had specific needs; he wanted a roadster built in the year he was born and finished to bespoke specifications. The Jaguar Classic team got to work and spotted a Series 1 E-type built just two days after the buyer’s birth.

Jaguar classic E type 2

Over the next year the car was completely rebuilt, starting with the bodywork. As the request was a Union Jack inspired metallic blueafter numerous tests the team developed the perfect shade.

The bespoke interior features stunning leather upholstery in a shade of red inspired by the iconic British pillar boxes (the famous post office columns). They are hand finished using traditional methods in Jaguar Classic Works in-house workshop.

After completing the assembly of the bodywork and paint, the engineering team went to work reconditioning the mechanics, which included a number of updates.

Jaguar Classic E-Type, changes the engine from the original

In the case of the engine, the original 4.2-liter straight-six is replaced by a 4.7 liter engine, which offers superior performance. This is combined with a five-speed gearbox developed by Jaguar Classic, for a smoother, quieter and more refined driving experience.

Furthermore, improved suspension and wheels are installed with wider tires for better driving dynamics. The sports exhaust adds more resonance.

Jaguar classic E type 3

For added comfort, this Jaguar Classic E-Type is equipped with a touch screen, satellite navigation and Bluetooth. All with a vintage look that blends in perfectly with the rest of the car. The headlights are now aa LED type.

A series of personalized details complete the vehicle, including a unique number plate and a badge on the dashboard. In addition, this exclusive blue E-type features some elements inspired by the limited E-type 60 collection.

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