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Jeremy Renner takes his first steps after the serious accident

Jeremy Renner’s conditions improve more and more after the serious accident at the beginning of the year and he shared a video with fans in which he shows the first progress in walking: let’s see how the American actor is doing

They have passed two months after the tragic accident which involved the actor Jeremy Renner on the morning of January 1, 2023 and among the various updates on his health conditions we can tell you that finally started walking again. We recall that Renner, in an attempt to help his nephew, who was stuck with his car due to snow, got trapped under his own snow plow weighing over 6500 kg. Fortunately after the emergency hospitalization Jeremy Renner is better and shares his improvements with the fans. Lastly with a video in which he shows his first progress in walking, thanks to the help of a device.

Just two months after the tragic accident, actor Jeremy Renner began to take his first steps. The MCU star posted on his profile Twitter a video where he walks on a anti-gravity treadmill, a medical device that allows the user to walk with less stress on the lower body and leg muscles. The actor in the video confirmed that he is now able to walk, but only thanks to this special treadmill, because it allows him to move with a percentage of his body weight lower than the real one.

How is Jeremy Renner after the accident at the beginning of the year?

Initial police reports revealed that Renner had failed to apply the emergency brake when, as he got off the snowplow to free his nephew’s car, he realized that the snowcat was in danger of running over the vehicle. Trying to get back on board to block it, the bobcat dragged and trapped it. The actor suffered serious injuries, from chest crush to severe leg injuries, a total of more than 30 broken bones, according to rescue reports. Helicoptered to the nearest hospital, Renner underwent two life-saving emergency operations.

Full hospitalization for Jeremy Renner, no matter how hard the actor is trying, is still a long way off and the first reports from doctors stand at a prognosis of at least two years before total recovery. Despite everything, however, it is comforting to see that Renner has not given up and continues to update fans on his condition, showing from time to time the improvements he is achieving thanks to physiotherapy and muscle stimulation. In the caption of the posted video, Renner said:

Now that I’ve found something else to keep myself busy, it’s time for my body to rest and recover independently of my will

In short, it seems that the worst is over and, despite a long journey ahead of him, the actor does not seem to want to give up. We will update you on how Jeremy Renner is in the coming weeks, hoping for more and more positive news.

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