Jet Bot Ai+: il robot aspirapolvere Samsung che riconosce oggetti e animali thumbnail

Jet Bot Ai +: the Samsung robot vacuum cleaner that recognizes objects and animals

Jet Bot Ai +: the Samsung robot vacuum cleaner that recognizes objects and animals thumbnail

Jet Bot Ai +, the new Samsung robot vacuum cleaner equipped with artificial intelligence that allows it to eliminate dirt, recognize furniture and small objects and remotely control both the home environment and cleaning is finally available in Italy. Jet Bot Ai + is the first and only robot vacuum cleaner that features an Intel processor. The Jet Ai Object Recognition technology also allows him to be more precise and faster in identifying objects, distinguish furniture or appliances and understand how close he can get to them, while avoiding an impact.

The abilities of Samsung’s Jet Bot Ai +

Jet Bot Ai+

The Jet Bot Ai + LiDAR sensor uses the same technology that is used in the automotive sector for autonomous driving, capable of identifying the precise position of the robot and scanning the room several times to acquire information on distances. This feature is especially important for poorly lit spaces. Jet Bot Ai + can also recognize fragile objects such as glass cups and electrical cables where it could get caught. Through the SmartThings App it is also possible to set “no-go zones”, to determine areas forbidden to the device. The same app allows you to monitor the cleaning status even remotely.

Thanks to the Intelligent Power Control function, Jet Bot Ai + is able to identify the type of surface and the amount of dust, automatically adjusting the suction power according to specific needs. The robot is also able to automatically return to its charging base with the integrated Clean Station at the end of the cleaning, starting a process that empties the tank and cleans it with Air Pulse technology. The only effort required of the robot owners is to empty the Clean Station tank every 2-3 months.

Samsung’s new robot can be of great help to pet owners. Jet Bot Ai + allows you to monitor and detect the behavior of your dog or cat, and to receive real-time alerts in case of abnormal behavior. You can also interact with the distressed animal. The robot can stream video in real time and, thanks to the Patrol mode, can safely monitor the status of your home. In fact, thanks to E2EE encryption, only an authorized user can view the videos. For more information, please visit the Samsung website.

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