Braun: presented products for Father’s Day

Mattia Tamberi

As has happened for other holidays in the past, on the occasion of Father’s Day, Braun presented all the offers in its catalog (for shaving and styling) to give us excellent ideas for gift ideas to dedicate to our father figures: let’s see them together, like this to get a better idea of ​​the offer!

Everyday, unique and extraordinary superheroes: we’re talking about Pope, the figure who has been with us at all times since childhood. And, as every year, with the approach of March 19, the perfect opportunity presents itself to thank them for what they do every day for us, and to tell them with a present how well we love him. On the occasion of the Father’s Day (as happened for other holidays, such as Christmas or Valentine’s Day), Braun has selected the best shaving and styling devices, ideal for recreating any style: in fact, whether it has one thick, sparse or unkempt beard, everyone deserves the product that best suits their needs. Let’s see them below.

Braun offers on the occasion of Father’s Day

Among the products presented by Braun for Father’s Day we find many gods best devices present in the Braun catalog. Let’s start from Series 9 Pro, which is the most efficient razor in the Braun product line: with a combination of various technologies, the Series 9 Pro is designed to shave any type of beard. Some models are accompanied by the PowerCase case for shaver charging, which maintains the power and performance of the shaver even on the go. We then continue with the Series Xor the new hybrid device, whose peculiarity is its single blade with 4D technology, thanks to which it is possible to adjust, trim and shave without any effort.

Braun: presented products for Father's Day

Further products are the Series 7, MGK7220, BT5265. Let’s start with the first of the three mentioned, which is important for his 360 ° fully flexible head, which allows a close and even shave, even in hard-to-reach areas. The MGK7220 gives you the possibility to decide your own style from head to toe (for any type of beard and beyond), being a 10 in 1 device. Even the last one, the BT5265, is a useful kit for those who need to cut their beard quickly and precisely (in fact, cutting the beard requires a lot of work and a good device is what you need for a precise look).

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