The role of Amazon Web Services in the future of autonomous driving

Il ruolo di Amazon Web Services per il futuro della guida autonoma thumbnail

Amazon Web Services plays a major role in the development of self-driving vehicles. The company provides a suite of solutions and tools, defined as Infinite Loop e Big Loop, which aim to support the entire development of autonomous vehicle development. The activity is based on an integrated holistic approach that aims to create an infinite workflow, with continuous evolution.

The development of autonomous driving passes through five points

Amazon Web Services and its network of partners guarantee crucial services for the development of this infinite cycle of evolution which is divided into five steps. It starts from data management, processing and analysis. A vehicle generates 10 to 120 TB during a 6-8 hour journey. Then there is labeling who, with the support of specialized personnel (this phase cannot be completely automated), has the task of defining the data sets in the cloud received from customers. Then there is the part of development of models and algorithms which requires complex simulations and high computational capacity. Another part concerns simulation, verification and validation. The last step is need to provide a holistic view of all pipelines and the work in progress to architects developing workflows.

The role of Amazon Web Services

As pointed out by Amazon Web Services, today we are the beginning of a path towards technological maturity as regards autonomous driving. The future will include a number of key challenges related to increasingly complex driving scenarios. The task of the developers will be to look for cost-effective and scalable solutions to meet the needs in the industry. AWS and the AWS Partner Network (APN) play and will play a key role in addressing various data management challenges.

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