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Joipaw: the first video game console for dogs!

Joipaw is a project that, in the near future, will take the form of a console that will provide a series of video games for your (and our) dogs! Let’s find out all the details

We’ll be honest, we never thought about the possibility that some video games could be made to entertain ours dogs. Someone, however, thought about it and the news of the production of Joipaw: a console which, according to the latest news, will have to be made for dogs and will serve to entertain our faithful four-legged friends in moments of solitude.

Joipaw: video games for dogs!

Dersim Advar and Marco Jenny define themselves: “scientists, gamers and dog lovers” and it is precisely from their minds that what can be defined, to all intents and purposes, as an out of the ordinary idea was born. Dog video games? Joipaw will take care of it! A console that will be created ad hoc for man’s best friends. It will surely consist of one schermo touch screen which, our dog’s nose, will have to plug. Furthermore, the same console will be equipped with a kibble dispenser, in order to stimulate ours even more Fido.

Joipaw: the first video game console for dogs!

The idea was born to stimulate, develop and always keep the health and mental flexibility of our dogs at good levels. Joipaw can be exploited in moments of solitude even if, as the founders of the project are keen to point out, no video game can ever substitute the love that he can pass on to you (and that you can pass on) spending time with your dogs. What do you think of this curious news? Let us know by leaving a comment in the appropriate section below.

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