Jungle Cruise coming clear on Disney +

Super news for all Disney + subscribers: the new live action adventure “Jungle Cruise” is coming

Available in streaming for everyone from Friday 12 November 2021, on the day of “Disney + Day”. The film was a success, so much so that the sequel has already been made official.


There are a few days to wait to finally be able to watch the new movie on Disney + Disney directed by Jaume Collet-Serra. The star Dwayne Johnson and the Golden Globe-winning actress Emily Blunt they will be the protagonists of the brand new “Jungle Cruise”, flanked by Edgar Ramírez, Jack Whitehall, Jesse Plemons and Paul Giamatti. All together they will face an exciting cruise along the Amazon jungle among colors, dangers and challenges.

We will see archaeologist Lily Houghton and her brother McGregor cross the Amazon in search of the mythical Tree of Life which, according to legend, has healing powers and the potential to change the future of medicine.

In London in 1916, after narrating the legend of the tree of life, the clumsy McGregor Houghton will try to persuade some explorers to let him access their archives in order to find out how to find him. The enterprise will not be easy and will only be possible thanks to the help of the determined Lily, who will find a way to start this colorful adventure.

Jungle Cruise coming clear on Disney +

We will therefore see them face a long and dangerous journey through the forest, aboard the river boat Quila and its disillusioned captain Frank Wolff. Winding paths and supernatural forces will be hidden in the beauty of the rainforest.

Comedy is full of misunderstandings, funny moments and full of entertainment. A “fun” live action conceived and directed in such a way as to involve the viewer as if he were an integral part of the group of protagonist friends.

We will also see profound moments of understanding between the characters and knowledge of spectacular places alternate. Dynamics and dimensions that will inevitably bring to mind some adventure Cult such as Pirates of the Caribbean, The Mystery of the Templars or Atlantis – The Lost Empire.

The film manages to be for the viewer much more than just visual, but engaging as if it were a “carousel” at the amusement park, precisely because of the inspiration of the film at the historic attraction of the same name in Disneyland, California.

Jungle Cruise su Disney+

We do not want to tell other details with the risk of spoilers. We therefore look forward to next weekend to enjoy, from our sofa, an amazing Disney-branded adventure suitable for everyone!

Watch the trailer here and write us your opinions in the comments!

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