Su Spotify è ora possibile bloccare gli altri utenti thumbnail

On Spotify it is now possible to block other users

On Spotify it is now possible to block other thumbnail users

Spotify imitates Facebook and other social networks by inserting a key with which to block other users. This function, according to what has emerged in these hours, has been in development for several years. The platform dedicated to streaming music, in the past, has given priority to the release of updates dedicated to audio services. Today, however, Spotify aims to fill a gap in its social component by introducing the possibility of blocking one’s own contact. The function represents an important novelty for the streaming service which can count on many active users all over the world.

Even on Spotify, users can be blocked after the last update

Spotify has decided to satisfy the incoming requests from many users of the service. With a new update in distribution, in fact, the possibility of block other users. The block key is introduced next to the one that already exists no longer follow present in the first of another user. Accessing this function will therefore be really simple.

Just like on social networks

The function to block users on Spotify it will work like on Facebook and other social networks. By activating this feature, the blocked user will not be able to access information relating to their account which will therefore be completely hidden from their eyes. Spotify stressed that the goal is to give users the best possible experience by promoting a safe environment for listening to music and podcasts with total peace of mind.

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