JVC HA-A7T review: beauty with strong limits

In this review we will get to know the JVC HA-A7T Bluetooth earphones, colorful and youthful, but with somewhat annoying limits

The market for Bluetooth headsets is always growing thanks to their practicality. Staying connected to your smart devices and listening to every sound deriving from the latter without the limitations imposed by the wired connection of the headphones is certainly one of the great advantages. JVC she moved in this direction and presented hers HA-A7T, beautiful and youthful, which we are going to rattle off in this review. How did they fare after our test?

Data sheet


  • Technology: Bluetooth 5, A2DP, AVRCP, HFP
  • Driver: 1 for 6mm ear
  • Frequency range: 20 – 20000 Hz
  • Impedance: 16 Ω
  • Microphone: Yup
  • Charging time: 2 ore
  • Duration: 6 ore
  • Certification: IPX4
  • Weight: about 9.5 g


  • Charging Port: micro-USB
  • Input current: 5V-1A
  • Charging times: 2,5 ore
  • Duration: 9 ore
  • Weight: about 39 g

Packaging and design | JVC HA-A7T review

The earphones arrive in a very elegant packaging as well entirely eco-friendly. Opening is not the simplest and there is a risk of irreparably compromising the box. Inside we find the case with earphones, power cable, manual and two pairs of silicone pads size S and L to be interchanged with those already mounted in size M. In this way the earphones can best fit any ear to ensure greater comfort.

The design of case and earphones turns out to be very simple, yet elegant at the same time. The case has an elongated shape, with an oval profile from an overhead view. At the top we find the JVC logo while 4 indicator lights are located on the front. On the back we find the micro-USB charging socket, despite today’s standards have shifted towards charging sockets for kind type-C. The earphones are elegant in their simplicity. Important is the indicator light present under the control button which indicates the operating status of the same.

At first touch you can feel the solidity. This is mainly due to the size of the earphones, quite “massive” compared to other similar models. However, precisely this property of the earphones creates one of the first problems and perhaps also one of the most mangy. Having such a structure, the center of gravity is slightly shifted outwards, going to compromise the wearability of the headphones. This causes the unbalance of the latter, risking to make them fall at every slightest movement.

JVC HA-A7T review: beauty with strong limits

Functionality and autonomy | JVC HA-A7T review

Although there are therefore small problems, the earphones have great features and controls at your fingertips. It will be possible to increase or decrease the volume, answer calls, pause a song being played, skip to the next or activate the voice assistant. Contrary to other competitors who rely on haptic feedback to activate commands, in the JVC HA-A7T earphones there is a real button, but this implies a drawback that it is right to report in the review.

Although it is not a problem that compromises the use of the earphones, however it is also fair to talk about this button in every aspect. It is true that on the one hand it gives us the certainty that the command given has an answer, but on the other hand there is a small inconvenience. If with the others it is enough to put your finger on the cap, in this case we should make a push to press the key. You will therefore understand that it is not the best to press an earphone into your ear. Although the company’s choice was excellent from one point of view, on the other hand having such a hard key compromises its use.

Autonomy is not flawless either. The duration of six hours will surely allow us to have all the time necessary for a call with relatives or friends who have not heard from for a while, listen to some music, play in complete tranquility and see some episodes of your favorite TV series. . You can also follow a full day of online video lessons without ever having to recharge your earphones.

JVC HA-A7T review: beauty with strong limits

Although therefore autonomy earphones allows us to do what we want, that of the case leaves the time it finds. It will certainly be possible to fully charge the earphones once they are inserted into the case, but beyond that nothing more. In fact, it will remain there enough energy for half a charge. This implies that, after two days of video lessons, you will be forced to connect the case to the electrical outlet. You will understand that while traveling, especially if you often travel here and there using public transport, having so little autonomy is not the best.

Another small drawback comes from the type of connector that was decided to use to recharge the case. The latter is in fact equipped with a micro-USB port that no longer represents the standard used today. Even the cheapest Chinese headphones have a USB type-C port that allows for faster charging. Not to mention that this implies that you will always have to carry the cable supplied which turns out to be really too short. If you don’t have an outlet near a countertop, in fact we will be forced to leave the case and headphones “hanging” for the entire time of recharging.

How is the audio quality? | JVC HA-A7T review

The audio quality is definitely not that of a 7.1 surround sound headphone, but all in all they do very well! I am equipped with good bass and even on the highs they defend well. Of course, at maximum volume there are also important sound distortions, but obviously it will be difficult to reach those levels of audio for a long time, also because the ear would suffer. The only small flaw are some sound losses.

In these small moments of time the sound disappears completely, although the headphones are still connected. Many will surely think that it is due to a distance problem from the device. We know that after all the Bluetooth range is 10 meters and as we move away the signal becomes weaker and weaker. But unfortunately these problems occur even at a distance of 2 meters from the device and without any wall in between that can act as an “obstacle”.

A small mole which, however, can be somewhat annoying, although it does not affect the experience in a heavy way. On the other hand, the quality of the integrated microphone is discreet which allows you to talk quietly even if you are far from your cell phone. The sound turns out to be slightly muffled compared to the original, but all in all quite acceptable and clean.

JVC HA-A7T review: beauty with strong limits

Conclusions | JVC HA-A7T review

We have come to the end of this review on the JVC HA-A7T earphones and it is time to take stock. Surely beautiful and elegant with a very simple and youthful design, these earphones have suffered a structural defect. The center of gravity in fact tends to be displaced towards the outside. All of this implies one not optimal fit, causing the earphones to fall out of our pavilion.

On the sonic side they perform quite well, with an average quality that does not scream at a miracle, but allows you to have a very positive experience. Even the microphone, while making incoming audio slightly muffled, performs just fine. To this is added one duration of 6 hours that will allow anyone to fully enjoy the experience. The main flaw, on the other hand, comes from one too limited custody.

In addition to the possibility of performing only one full charge – plus another half, for a total of 9 hours more – there is also a obsolescence in the charging port that I honestly never expected in 2020. You cannot expect to sell headphones with a price of 59.99 € and then equip them with a micro-USB socket. Not only do the charging times get longer, but the user – who may only have type-C cables – is forced to use the supplied cable which turns out to be really too short.

In short, if you have to use them only to listen to music in your free moments or to call while doing chores, they are definitely the earphones made for you, but at that price you can certainly find better. That’s all for this JVC HA-A7T review. To not miss future reviews and news from the hardware world, keep following the pages of techgameworld.com!

Points in favor

  • Elegant and colorful design …
  • Long earphone life …
  • Functionality at your fingertips …
  • Average audio quality

Points against

  • … but with a too unbalanced center of gravity
  • … but small battery of the case
  • … but a key too hard
  • Micro-USB charging port
  • High price
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