JVC HA-FR17UC earphones review: excellent quality at the right price!

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In this review we will present the new JVC Earbuds HA-FR17UC earphones. The novelty from JVC suitable for all activities

Today we are here to talk to you, after countless trials and tests, about the latest product from JVC, namely the new earbuds JVC HA-FR17UC (here for the product presentation). This is the latest creation in terms of earphones “with wired connection”, which, while maintaining a typical appearance of the other creations, also offer some pleasant innovations. So I’ll stop talking, and I’d say let’s move on straight away detailed description of these JVC earbuds.

JVC HA-FR17UC earphones review: excellent quality at the right price!

Info and details | Earphones review JVC HA-FR17UC

JVC has expanded its range of USB-C earphones by presenting the new HA-FR17UC earbuds. These earphones offer superior audio quality and versatility. They are designed with 10.7mm neodymium drivers and a built-in DAC converter, guaranteeing a powerful and crystal clear sound. Thanks to their open design and the ability to adapt to the device in use, they offer a wide acoustic stage with well-defined bass, ensuring an immersive audio experience.

Equipped with a practical in-line remote control with three buttons, They allow easy and intuitive volume control, music playback and telephone calls. And again, a very positive note, also the possibility of being able to quickly activate or deactivate the microphone. The high-quality microphone, together with the wired connection, ensures clear and defined calls, making them suitable for both professional and school use. Furthermore, their compact and lightweight nature makes them comfortable even during long periods of use. These earbuds from JVC representing a truly excellent solution to those Bluetooth earphones that run out of battery always on the most beautiful.

Packaging and unboxing | Earphones review JVC HA-FR17UC

The packaging of the JVC HA-FR17UC earphones is really very “basic” and light, maintaining the very small size. On the packaging, all the key information is reported. From the name of the product (with relative image) to the components, listing all the main technical specifications. Inside the package, we find the earphones stuck in a cardboard for protection from bumps and falls. These are stored in order to avoid damage during transport or due to a possible fall of the package. Finally, in addition to our headphones, we obviously find the user manual.

JVC HA-FR17UC earphones review: excellent quality at the right price!

Technical characteristics | JVC HA-FR17UC earphones review

  • Form factor: in-ear
  • Connectivity Technology: Wired
  • Special Feature: Noise Isolation, Built-in Remote Control, Microphone Included, Sweat Proof
  • Material: plastic
  • Jack cuffie: ‎USB-C
  • Compatible devices: mobile phones, laptops, desktops, tablets
  • Item weight: ‎17 Grams
  • Voltage: ‎5

Design and materials | JVC HA-FR17UC earphones review

These JVC earphones are (aesthetically speaking) really beautiful. The HA-FR17UCs They have a simple and elegant appearance (at least for the black color which is the one we were able to test). The cable that goes from the remote control to the USB-C input is longer than on other airbuds of the same type. Furthermore, even if so small, They seem really resistant to the touch. Finally, knowing that they are water resistant allows them to be used outdoors without any worries.

In fact, even if covered with plastic material, as already mentioned, they are certified to resist water splashes and sweat. Which makes them excellent companions also for those who love hiking, walking and outdoor trips. Especially because they won’t have to worry about charging as happens with wireless earphones.

JVC HA-FR17UC earphones review: excellent quality at the right price!

Audio quality | JVC HA-FR17UC earphones review

Here we come to the most important factor, and that is the audio quality of these JVC HA-FR17UC earphones. After various tests, on the various platforms that can be used for smartworking, such as Zoom and Meet. And again on social media and in simple phone calls (even outside and on the move), both from a PC and on a smartphone, I can consider myself largely satisfied.

This is because the The JVC HA-FR17UC do what they were created for really well. They guarantee high quality sound, comparable to that offered by even higher-end products. They reproduce very pleasant audio because it is warm, full-bodied, clean, loud and, above all, balanced with bass and treble present in the right amount. Excellent not only for “calls”, but for listening to any type of audio, especially music and films.

Microphone and connectivity

These earphones they remain stable in the ears even when moving (obviously you have to be careful not to leave the cable dangling to avoid accidentally pulling them down). They allow good phone calls thanks to the integrated microphone, which is very precise and always guarantees a stable and reliable connection. Among the negative notes (if we really want to be picky) I detected a few small problems during outdoor calls. In fact, some communication difficulties were noted, especially in the presence of strong winds or large noises. But you have to remember that these earphones were not created for this anyway.

JVC HA-FR17UC earphones review: excellent quality at the right price!

Conclusions and prices

In conclusion, after days of tests and various trials, I can say that the experience with these new JVC HA-FR17UCs went very well. In addition to the price, which seems fair to me for the quality offered by these earphones, one of the most positive aspects is convenience. The small size makes you forget you are wearing them even after hours of use. The sound is excellent, both in calls and while watching a film, or listening to music and podcasts. The remote control is also very good, with the addition (in addition to the classic volume buttons) of the button for instantly activating and deactivating the microphone. Furthermore, they are reliable and aesthetically pleasing.

Let’s move on to the negative aspects. During the tests I noticed some smudges when “stressed” by a very high sound (although they should rarely be used with an audio level set to maximum). I then encountered some small problems during outdoor phone calls; when you are surrounded by too much noise or strong wind.

In conclusion, at the price at which they are sold, 19.99 euros, I feel quite satisfied. We are still talking about low-end headphones. For the quality demonstrated, compared to these shortcomings, I think the price is right. I also remind you that the JVC HA-FR17UC earphones are available for purchase on Amazon in various colors.

And you? What do you think of these USB-C earphones from JVC? Let us know with a comment below and always stay tuned to techgameworld.com for other news and reviews from the world of technology (and beyond!).


Points in favor

  • Quality price
  • Comfort
  • Sound reproduction

Points against

  • Some smudges with the volume at “max”
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