Kanye West pitched the idea for a game to Shigeru Miyamoto

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Kanye West’s project, according to the rapper, seems to have even moved a Nintendo game designer: none other than Shigeru Miyamoto

Il rapper e fashion designer Kanye West announced his project, “Only One“, During an event in New York in February six years ago, but what makes this game memorable is the (attempted) involvement of Shigeru Miyamoto in person. The video game in question takes its name from a 2014 song about her daughter, North (we realized the “geographic” pun that comes from it, ed) from the perspective of late mother from the singer, Donda West. The passion behind the project is already tangible from the enthusiasm behind the announcement: “I’m working on a game in which my mother reaches heaven and I want to show it to everyone.”

“A game I’m-a-let you finish will turn out well in the end, one done in a hurry will be bad forever”: the meeting between Kanye West and Shigeru Miyamoto

Before revealing it publicly, it seems, Kanye West tried to involve Nintendo by talking to Shigeru Miyamoto. Former IGN employee and current Twitch producer Zachary Ryan stated that in 2016 the rapper interviewed the Big N veteran about Star Fox Zero in New York. Ryan unearthed this anecdote by talking to a representative of the Kyoto giant. “He [Miyamoto] he said that the singer showed up at the stand without booking an appointment, requesting a meeting with the game designer on the spot. “

Continuing the story, Ryan talks about how Kanye had shown the prototype: in the game he takes the reins of West’s mother, intent on reach heaven. Recalling this bizarre meeting with the Nintendo representative, Miyamoto shook his head. The idea of ​​the game itself it also moved him, but it was strange to be offered the idea for a videogame experience by an overseas rapper. Finding it interesting, the game designer gave his opinion approval for the idea behind the title by raising his thumbs with a very English “Wow!”. Ryan ended the Twitter thread by freaking out over the incredibly detailed anecdote. One thing is certain: never before has the meaning of “Nin-ten-do” (“leave your luck to heaven”, from Japanese) been so literal!

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