Kawasaki Z series, special liveries to celebrate the 50th anniversary

Kawasaki serie Z, livree speciali per celebrare il 50° anniversario thumbnail

Kawasaki has unveiled a series of special edition models to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Z series models, including Z900, Z900RS, Z650 e Z650RS which will be offered in special Heritage color combinations under the name “Anniversary Edition”. Special versions are expected in dealerships soon, but prices have yet to be disclosed.

Kawasaki Z900 Anniversary Edition

The first model to obtain the Firecrack Red livera is the Z900 in which the matching red wheels also stand out to bring out the rest of the paintwork which includes a glossy black frame and a special saddle. Unique features for this series will be the emblem and logo Z 50thas well as a Z 50th Anniversary book that will be given as a gift to all buyers. Also note that the fork tubes are finished in gold. There are also dark blue and silver highlights to offset the red paint, with gold and silver-colored logos on the rims. The Z900 is equipped with a liquid-cooled in-line four-cylinder engine from 948 cc. The same produces 92.2 kW and 98.6 Nm of torque. The 41mm USD fork and monoshock both offer rebound and preload adjustment.

The brakes are a set of 300mm petal discs paired with four-piston calipers, with a 250mm unit at the rear and a single piston caliper. Both are fitted with an ABS system. The Z900 has a seat height of 820mm and weighs 212kg with a full tank of fuel reaching a maximum of 17 liters. The slipper clutch is standard, as is the ability to power and connect the smartphone via the Kawasaki KTRC app and system.

Here are also the new Kawasaki Z900R, Z650 and Z650RS, Anniversary Edition

Definitely the most retro of the Z line, is the Z900RS which returns to the iconic Fireball color of the original Z1, which starts from the two-tone combination Diamond Brown and Orange Heritage, which are paired with gold wheels. The frame is also glossy black, with a chromed headlight as well as the grab handle dedicated to the passenger. Of course, there are also special emblems and logos for the 50th anniversary, while the saddle with contrasting stitching stands out. Like the Z900, also for the Z900RS Anniversary Edition will be given a celebratory book, a collector’s item since, as Kawasaki specifies it will never be available for sale as a single product. The Z900RS shares the in-line four found in the Z900 but with a different tuning, as the lower power is lower, at 92 kW, but with a torque that remains roughly the same.

Kawasaki Z Anniversary editionKawasaki Z900RS Anniversary Edition

The integrated suspension has higher specs though, with 41mm USD forks offering compression, rebound and preload adjustment, while the rear mirrors the normal Z900 with rebound and preload adjustable shock.

Even younger riders will be able to get an Anniversary Edition with the popular Z650L. The 51 bhp (37.8 kW) parallel twin engine remains unchanged, offering 59 Nm of torque and an inviting 790 mm height seat. The Z650 50th Anniversary Edition uses the same Heritake red color seen on the Z900, with a glossy black frame and special textured seat. The bike will also be decorated with the emblems and logos of the special edition and the book will also be included From the 50th Anniversary.

Kawasaki Z Anniversary editionKawasaki Z650 Anniversary Edition

The Z650 features a slip and assist clutch, two 300mm disc brakes with dual piston calipers, 41mm forks and a rear monoshock with preload adjustment. the bike weighs 187 kg with a 15-liter fuel level. Connectivity with smartphone and TFT display as standard.

Finally, he received the special Anniversary Edition livery of the Z family is the new Z650RS, which offers an always retro alternative to the Z650. The special version boasts the color scheme Heritage bicolore Candy Diamond Brown and Orange, as well as golden wheels. Like all Anniversary models, the chassis is glossy black, with Z 50th Anniversary badges and logos and a textured seat. The standard equipment includes chrome handle, the headlight and the trim rings of the meter and the inevitable Z book.

Kawasaki Z Anniversary editionKawasaki Z650RS Anniversary Edition

The Z650RS will share the same suspension and brake specifications, while offering a slightly higher seat height of 800mm, taller bars and overall ergonomics for a more relaxed ride.

All the special editions for the 50th anniversary of the Kawasaki Z 2022 should arrive in Europe (but the official Japanese brand is missing) in the first quarter, with prices yet to be announced.