KING Art Games: annunciato Operation Eagle

KING Art Games has finally announced Operation Eagle, the first add-on to Iron Harvest 1920+

Stars, stripes and giant Dieselpunk Zeppelins, that’s what the new add-on will bring Operation Eagle, announced by KING Art Games. Introducing a brand new faction, American Union of Usonia, completes the world of Iron Harvest 1920+ to perfection. KING Art, is an independent developer with years of experience in creating games of high quality for all major platforms. Founded in 2000, the development house has released over the years more than 50 titles of different genres, with a focus on narrative, role-playing and strategy games.

Operation Eagle is coming, the new add-on by KING Art Games

KING Art Games has revealed what it’s all about Operation Eagle, disclosing several details. The American Union of Usonia, which remained out of the Great War, becomes an economic and military power unnoticed by the old European elites. Relying on the powerful “Diesel Birds”, this faction brings more variety to the Iron Harvest battlefields. New buildings and units for all factions will improve the roster of Iron Harvest in order to offer players yet more options to find the perfect attack and defense strategy. All players who are already part of the world of Iron Harvest 1920+ will gain access to new units, buildings and maps with matchmaking. KING Art Gamesin addition, it has disclosed what will be the most specific contents.

The add-on contains the faction Usonia (with over 20 additional units), the Usonia campaign (in singleplayer and coop mode) e new multiplayer maps. In addition we also find three new ones playable heroes unpublished and different allies playable by one secret faction yet to be revealed, all accompanied by brand new flying units, anti-aircraft structures and defenses, and dozens of skins to discover. To celebrate the stage of pre-order of Operation Eagle on Steam, KING Art Games and Valve have agreed for the weekend a free download starting from 29 April at 19:00 CET until 3 May at 19:00 CET. During this special event players can download Iron Harvest for free and enjoy the award-winning campaign of history and put your own to the test skills together or against friends in intense multiplayer battles.

Iron Harvest: Operation Eagle, is available on GOG, Epic, and as an exclusive standalone version of Steam starting in May 27. In case you are aiming for savings, you can also find it on Instant Gaming at bargain prices along with many other games. Stay with us on to stay updated on all the news in the gaming world!

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