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Kingdom Hearts 4: the director hinted at important news during a concert

During a concert, the game director of Kingdom Hearts 4 hinted that there are important news for the series

During the concerto di Kingdom Hearts Second Breath held recently, the creator of the series Tetsuya Nomura took the stage to talk about a “mysterious” event that took place after the official announcement of Kingdom Hearts 4 last year. Although neither Nomura nor the composer Yoko Shimomura who was present at the concert revealed any details about the event itself, Nomura stated that the event in question determined the future direction of the Kingdom Hearts series. Let’s see all the details about it in the next few lines of this article.

Kingdom Hearts 4: the news that emerged at the Kingdom Hearts Second Breath concert

The conversation that took place between Tetsuya Nomura e Yoko Shimomura al concerto di Kingdom Hearts Second Breath (after the announcement of Kingdom Hearts 4) was translated by the user Audrey on Twitter, who also said that original accounts of the conversation indicate the event was “crazy.” The conversation on the matter essentially ended with Nomura reporting to Shimomura that they would talk about it backstage.

The event itself hasn’t been described as a good or bad thing by Nomura, but his words indicate that it will have a major effect on the Kingdom Hearts franchise in the future. Kingdom Hearts fans are discussing the possibility that the mysterious happening has something to do with the participation of Disney to the Kingdom Hearts franchise, but details are scarce and discussions are largely just fans trying to guess what this event might be.

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